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Recruiting: Tarin Smith Commits to #Nebrasketball

More good news as the 2014 class picks up a commit from PG Tarin Smith (Jersey City, NJ)!

The good news keeps on coming for the Cornhuskers men's basketball team. The day after the Huskers received the official word they would be participating in their first NCAA tournament in 16 years, they also received a commitment from Jersey City, NJ point guard Tarin Smith.

Interestingly, Smith tells reporters he made that decision prior to Nebraska's being sent to San Antonio.

Smith is the latest to come out of famed St. Anthony High under the tutelage of the legendary Bob Hurley. (Hurley's teams have won four national titles and 27 state titles.) Smith is a 6'1" player averaging nearly 14 points a game on a team that fell a game short of advancing to the state tournament.

He is the second player to commit to the Huskers class of 2014 joining Jacob Hammond from Comanche, OK. Hammond has had a monster year for Comanche High averaging more than 20 points a game including two 40 point games as his team made their way through the Oklahoma State Tournament.

Despite the Huskers making their improbable run to the the NCAA tournament a reality, they are not a complete team. They still need to get more production out of the point guard position and out of the post. Unfortunately, despite being talented pick-ups for NU, neither of these two players are likely to make an impact as a difference maker for NU next season.

Thus, the Huskers will remain on the prowl for help on those two fronts. NU is likely to be active on the senior transfer market while these players develop without having to carry the burden of taking the program to the next level the minute they step on campus like last season's heralded recruit, Tai Webster, was asked to do. (A jump by Webster in the off-season would also help address Nebraska's PG issues.) As more teams complete their seasons over the next few weeks, we shall get a better idea of which players will be available for transfers.

The sales pitch isn't theoretical anymore, it's reality.

The Huskers also recently hosted Link Kabadyundi, a 7' 1" 240 pound center out of Montreal and will likely host more, both high school and JUCO players over the next few weeks as well once Nebraska's run is over. With Nebraska playing in the NCAA tournament this year, that should help this program make their case in convincing players to consider NU. The sales pitch isn't theoretical anymore, it's reality.

Perhaps we really are the Red Sox.

GO BIG RED! Beat Baylor!

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