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This Week on Twitter VI: Poetry, NFL Free Agency and more #Nebrasketball

Andy Lyons

This week on Twitter Faux Pelini is jealous of Tim Miles.

And TWOS is hung-over.

And then this epic conversation happened between Faux Pelini, Tommy Armstrong, Sam Foltz and the Huskers Twitter account.

Twitter was down on Tuesday.

Snape also had some advice for Miley Cyrus.

Sometimes you find out about things in unexpected ways…like on Twitter.

Fake Dan Beebe and Faux Pelini had an intense conversation.

He also enjoys jogging in animal suits.

And writes poetry every once in a while.

Kenny Bell and Josh Mitchell talk about a goat.

Faux Pelini asks Cox some questions.

And he finally got a reply.

FP is confused by another headline.

Nebraska was revealed as the 11th seed and twitter exploded.

Faux Pelini really wants a billion dollars

There were plenty of hilarious tweets this week so tell me which one was your favorite. If you would like, you can click here to check out last week’s TWOT. GO BIG RED!!!