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NCAA Selection Show: Will Nebraska MBB Make The Big Dance?

David McGee

Hey, you.

I know you're not going to the PBA for the Husker Selection Show Watch Party, but you still want to be around a bunch of Nebrasketball fans when the time comes when we find out who the men's basketball team is going to play in the NCAA Tournament.

Let's forget this shit about whether or not we'll make it. We finished fourth in the Big Ten, a conference that was so good from top to bottom that it ate itself alive all season. If Nebraska somehow isn't selected while conference mates who finished below us (looking at you, Iowa) make it, then there damned well be a riot somewhere. Maybe my house if nowhere else. You can all come, and we'll terrify a small suburb in Minnesota. If nothing else, we'd make the national news, and then let them sunsabitches overlook us again.

The Big Ten Tournament Championship between Michigan and Michigan State starts at 2:30 pm.

The NCAA men's selection show starts at 5:00 pm on CBS. The mothership is running a live selection show as well.

BTW, as soon as the show is over, you will need a blank, printable bracket so you can start working on your selections.