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Nebraska Basketball Post Game Knee-Jerk Reactions: Buckeyes 71, Huskers 67

The Huskers had a 3 point lead at halftime, and up to a 18 point lead in the second half. And then things like officiating, momentum, and a bunch of other stuff didn't help the Huskers keep the lead.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Well, damnit.

David will have the post-game writeup soon here. But, just taking a look at the box score, some things jump out.

- Fouls: Ohio State 21 committed, Nebraska 26 committed. 
- Free Throws: Ohio St. 17-28, Huskers 17-20
- Field Goal %: Huskers 36.7%, Buckeyes 45.5%
- Huskers in double digits: Terran Petteway with 20, Shavon Shields with 12, Walter Pitchford with 15
- Buckeyes in double digits: LaQuinton Ross with 26 (and 13 rebounds), Amadeo Della Valle with 12

We are all upset about the way that game ended, for sure. Be mindful of being kind to those that are coming in to comment.