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Corn Flakes: Jamal Turner: Quarterback, Receiver, Doctor, Lawyer

Kenny Bell... with.. that other guy.
Kenny Bell... with.. that other guy.
Eric Francis


Huskers Practice in Full Pads for First Time - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

The Nebraska football team practiced for two hours in full pads inside the Hawks Championship Center on Wednesday as the Huskers continue spring workouts.

Basically, Alex Lewis has the potential to be a good player, Jamal Turner is a receiver for whom they "might have a package for" at quarterback, and Randy Gregory "hasn't even touched the surface of what he's going to become."

That should take care of much discussion regarding Turner at quarterback, how he's wasted his career as a receiver (or not), and what they plan to do with him. Next week maybe they'll have him practice as a doctor and a lawyer and we can have many discussions about that, too!

What kind of doctor would he be, that Jamal Turner?

That and



The state of football stats: How to build a better Sloan, and improve the conversation about analytics -

On a simple level, it's back to Vince Lombardi -- a game of execution. Teams that are any good are going to be predominantly based on execution, whether you're offense and defense.

This is really long and about football stats. I'd recommend you break it into two parts, honestly.

IRS audits Alamo, Gator and Fight Hunger bowl games -

The Internal Revenue Service has notified three bowls -- Alamo, Gator and Fight Hunger -- of audits over recent tax returns, bowl officials told IRS audits of non-profit organizations can be fairly routine or alarming, depending on the situation.

Kind of like having a gun drawn on you, fairly routine or alarming, depending upon the situation.

No, that's not it.

Kind of like watching your van slide sideways on ice at night while watching that light pole you're about to hit come closer and closer.

Kind of like

Brent Musburger is moving to the new SEC Network as their number one announcer, pairing with Jesse Palmer to cover ESPN's share of the SEC schedule.

PHOTO: Maryland football releases uniforms with Big Ten patch - Testudo Times

Football season is THIS close.

Maryland, Big Ten football, come this fall.

2014 NCAA Bracketology Predictions: Bubble Watch made easy - Land-Grant Holy Land
Former Butler stats wunderkind (turned Celtics staffer) Drew Cannon's tournament team shortcut still works great, even today.

SVP & Russillo's Coaches Bracket - ESPN
This is a completely worthless Internet poll. Now, go vote for Tom Osborne.

the blog

I’m using my ratings and Bill James’ log5 formula to estimate the chances of each participating team advancing to a particular round of its conference tournament.

The computers don't like Nebraska.

Rick Reilly will (formally) give up writing his weekly column at | March | 2014

You'll miss him won't you?

Big Ten Tantrum Tournament 2014 - The Only Tournament Where It's Good If You're Always Angry - The Daily Gopher

Time to decide which B1G coach has the most skills when it comes to throwing a fit!

This actually is pretty funny when you get right down to it.

12 potential breakout redshirt freshmen for college football's 2014 season -

After back-to-back redshirt freshman Heisman winners, who are some players around the country who could break out this year after not playing last season?

Not a single player listed from the Big Ten.

Michigan Athletics and CSG Announce 2014 Student Football Seating Plan | U-M Central Student Government

The University of Michigan Athletic Department and the Central Student Government announced Tuesday (March 11) a new and improved student ticketing policy for Wolverine football games. The new policy will feature an attendance-driven reserved seating plan that will assign students reserved season seat locations based on attendance points accumulated during the previous season. Seating will no longer be first-come, first-served general admission.

Good grief, what's this!? An interesting plan that doesn't involve beating your students about getting to the games, but instead rewards them for attendance. Geezo beezo (God bless you Jim Wacker), here's something different, and to think it appears to have happened with a university department working with a student government!!!!!

The Public Pulse, March 12 -

I was troubled, however, by the organized noise as the Wisconsin players were being introduced. That is not good sportsmanship and should not continue next year. It doesn’t speak well for our team or our fans and doesn’t help NU win.

Thanks to Brian, here's Jean Peck writing in again, this time as Timothy W. Cavanaugh.

What we need here is Dan Hawkins to remind us that this is Division I basketball.. (I know he said "Division I Football", just sayin'.)