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This Week on Twitter V: Ash Wednesday, 2PAC and #Nebrasketball

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

I guess this is what happens when you dress up like a clown on UNL’s campus.

Faux Pelini tells ESPN to back off.

But he had this to say about Lebron’s record breaking night.

And he left another message for Vladimir Putin.

This is how Kenny Bell feels about Creighton.

Bo Pelini gets photoshopped.

TWOS and @Huskers have an interesting conversation.

After a big win on Ash Wednesday against Indiana, FP and TWOS asked Coach Miles the same question.

2PAC was at a Celtics game.

Faux Pelini checks up on Hobby Lobby.

FP and TWOS had this to say about T-Magic.

This actually happened.

Faux Pelini is confused.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has an interesting routine for daylight savings time.

Fake Coach Miles with another zinger.

Johnny Stanton made this structure.

And he dressed up for the Husker basketball game.

Looks like someone did naked back-flips last night.

Here are some Twitter highlights from after Nebraska's upset win over Wisconsin.

Get loud and stay loud Husker fans.

And last but not least.

That's all for now. What is your favorite tweet from this week? I wasn't able to pick out as many gems as last week so if you want to check out the fourth edition of TWOT click here. GO BIG RED!!!