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This Week On Twitter: Third Edition

time to say goodbye to these Sochi Winter Olympics mascots
time to say goodbye to these Sochi Winter Olympics mascots
Rob Schumacher-USA TODAY Sports

Faux Pelini pulled some shenanigans on President’s Day.

He also asked Doug McDermott what's his secret to success.

Tunnel Walk of Shame gives Kenny Bell a tattoo idea.

Who doesn’t love more Sochi puppy pics?

USA Hockey and St. Louis Blues teammates David Backes, Kevin Shattenkirk and T.J. Oshie also adopted Sochi strays as well.

Russia’s oldest English language newspaper decided to live tweet the Finland-Russia quarterfinal hockey match. Let’s just say it did not end too well but here is how it went down for them.

Meanwhile American cross-country skier Holly Brooks stumbled into a Russian mall.

Faux Pelini seems to be confused by Olympic women’s hockey.

FP didn’t seem to be very happen about USA hockey’s last few games.

But at least he trolled someone in the process.

Meanwhile Kenny Bell stuck up for his country.

And so begins the mystery of the Sochi restaurant that never was.

Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim went crazy after a controversial charging call was made against Syracuse on Saturday night. 

He ended up getting ejected and the Internet did what the Internet does best and made some memes out of it.

Faux Pelini approves of his actions.

Yesterday’s Daytona 500 had a 6 hour and 22 minute rain delay but it didn’t stop people from congratulating Jimmie Johnson. Dale Earnhardt Jr. ended up winning it late into the night. Rumor has it he said he would get a Twitter account if he won this race so I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Bo Pelini is spotted watching Nebrasketball.

Meanwhile Faux Pelini "live tweeted" the Olympic closing ceremonies.

More shenanigans between the Huskers and Faux Pelini twitter accounts.

And last but not least.

Here is also some interesting Twitter data from the Winter Olympics. According to Twitter Sports (and hat tip to Richard Deitsch at SI), the five most-tweeted about Olympic athletes during the 2014 Winter Olympics were: Japanese figure skater Mao Asada, American hockey player T.J. Oshie, Korean figure skater Kim Yuna, American snowboarder Shaun White and Canadian snowboarder Mark McMorris.

Since the Olympics are over, I will probably shift more of a focus on the tweets of Husker athletes. I think it will be hard to top some of the tweets I gathered during the Olympics but I will try my best to sift through Twitter and continue bringing in some hilarious tweets. The Oscars are coming up on Sunday so there should be plenty of good stuff on Twitter during that awards show. If you haven't read the last edition of This Week on Twitter, you can find it right here. GO BIG RED!