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Interactive Map Of All College Football Recruits 2002-2014

Yesterday we gave you an interactive map of all of the 2014 Big Ten recruits as an appetizer.

Today we give you a map of all FBS Recruits from 2002-2014.

Both were built by CornNation and Football Study Hall author Paul Dalen. Please follow him on twitter @paul_dalen.

In the default view above, all recruits, all years and all conferences are selected. Obviously this not only useless but fairly terrifying as it appears that Alabama has taken over a third of the nation (perhaps due to rampant oversigning in earlier years).

What I encourage you to do is have fun with it. The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the overwhelming 'Bama, and you can do that by selecting only your conference, or your school or limit the selection to specific years.

You might find it interesting, for example, to see what happens when one coach takes over for another, as Bo Pelini did for Bill Callahan in 2008.

Maybe, if you have the courage, you look at what happened when Nick Saban took over at Alabama in 2007. What happened before, and how much land did he take over and how quickly.

In any case, I would love to see your observations in the comments section.