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Interactive 2014 Big Ten Football Recruiting Map

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Above is an interactive map showing the location of Big Ten recruits from across the nation for 2014, done by Paul Dalen, our stats guy extraordinaire!

It's obvious that because of demographics, Nebraska has to go outside it's region (and certainly outside the 500 mile radius around Lincoln) to find football players. What about all of the other schools in the Big Ten? Did Ohio State pull all their recruits from their own state? How many recruits did the Big Ten get from the big three states - Texas, California, and Florida? (Hint: California... wow.)

From Brian Towle, Recruiting Guy:

This is a very good info haul by Paul. It shows how much Nebraska went to roads in the South, spearheaded by both Secondary coaches Terry Joseph and Charlton Warren as well as Rich Kaczenski and John Garrison getting in a lot of homegrown Line prospects.

I kind of take issue with how Steve Sipple characterized how Bo is "recruiting with a SEC mindset" all of a sudden.

In all actuality, Bo seemed to abandon the Ohio pipeline he had really established the last few years. Is that because of Vince Marrow being gone? Well, quite possibly, but it was just odd to me how, especially late in the cycle with several needs in the last three weeks, the staff didnt get in Ohio again.

Another issue with that narrative is that, by going school to school, more than just Nebraska went into the South. Indiana and Wisconsin went just as hard into Georgia, Florida and Chicago as Nebraska did. The schools that went all above everyone else? Ohio St, Penn St and Michigan St all hit the footprint very hard. PSU basically owned the East Coast.

There is nothing sacred about what the Huskers heat map became after National Signing Day. No Ohio, or California to really talk about. Does that mean inroads to less places? Quite possibly, and thats never a bad thing. However, that shouldn't make you shun places that have treated you well before.