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Report: Nebraska Hires Oregon State Defensive Coordinator Mark Banker

Sounds like the Beaver Defensive leader will be doing the same thing on the Husker staff.

Mark Banker
Mark Banker
Jeff Golden/Getty Images

Mike Schaefer of Nebraska's 247 site is reporting among others that the Nebraska Cornhuskers have hired their Defensive Coordinator in Mark Banker, who had the same spot with the Oregon State Beavers in Mike Riley's staff there. The discovery was by two current Husker verbals who said they talked to Banker about his role on the staff.

Banker, who has been the DC for Oregon State since 2003, was recommended by Riley to become the Head Coach to replace Riley last week. He made $490,000 last season, according to 247 sports.

How did Banker's Defenses do the last seven seasons with the Beavers? I looked at it and shared the wealth on twitter:

Each ranking goes back from 2014 to 2008.

Here's a snippet on what Banker is like, courtesy of Oregon State Athletics: