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Cobs of the Week: Oklahoma, UConn, Big XII, and Wisconsin

Been there. Done that. (Though not quite that badly.)
Been there. Done that. (Though not quite that badly.)
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We're at the end of the regular season, and we have two very light weeks of college football left.  Next week, it's just the Army/Navy game, and the week after, we have a handful of bowl games.  So this is the last edition of the Cobs until after Christmas.

And while it was a light schedule by itself, we still got some massive suckage to honor as the worst of the weekend in college football.  So here are this week's honorees:


Leading by seven points in the Bedlam series, Oklahoma had the ball on the Okie State 40 yard line facing a 4th and 9 with 1:02 left.  The Cowboys have no timeouts, so what should you do?  Punt it out of bounds?  Punt it out the back of the end zone?  Either would have been a better idea than this.


Southern Methodist was 0-11; head coach June Jones bailed on the team in September, and UConn had the Mustangs down by double digits at halftime.  And the Huskies blew it, as SMU stormed back in the second half to win 27-20 on the road and avoid going winless in 2014. That, in turn, means UConn can't avoid a nomination.


Every since Nebraska and Colorado flew the coop on the clusterf* of the Big XII, the ten team conference has prided itself on every team playing everybody else, and thus determining "One True Champion."

Well, then this happened.

Even though earlier this summer, commissioner Bob Bowlsby said it wouldn't.

Some Husker fans grow nostalgic about the lost rivalries from our days in the Big Eight, and forget why we left. Don't forget, friends. Never forget why we left.

Because the screwy Big XII keeps on doing it to themselves. The Big 12 just can't help themselves.


Nebraska's last two games against Wisconsin were really, really bad.  In the end, those two games ended up costing Bo Pelini his job.  It even led to an internet meme:  /WisconsinScoredAgain.

Well, now Badger fan knows how Nebraska fans felt in those games. Because for as bad as Nebraska played in those two games, Wisconsin played even worse in the 2014 Big Ten Championship game.

And yep... we have a new meme.

So who gets the Cob for the Worst of the Weekend in college football?