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Report: Mike Cavanaugh To Join Huskers As Offensive Line Coach

247 reporting it's a done deal with his son confirming the transaction.

Cavanaugh with Riley at Oregon State
Cavanaugh with Riley at Oregon State
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Nothing like a Assistant Coach's son to confirm another hire for Mike Riley and the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

With that tweet and the following report from Michael Bruntz of Nebraska's 247 site, Oregon State Offensive Line coach Mike Cavanaugh will be joining the Husker staff in the same capacity.

Cavanaugh, who was with Riley at Oregon State for 10 seasons as well as with him at San Diego when Riley tried his NFL stint, was the man who recruited Arizona for the Beavers.

Between the Oregon State and San Diego stint, Cavanaugh was OL coach for Hawaii for 6 seasons. Cavanaugh is a 1986 graduate of Southern Connecticut State.

Here's a video from him back in the 2011 Spring from Oregon St. Athletics.