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Week 15 College Football Schedule

Championship weekend is upon us. Everything you need to know to plan the last weekend of college football watching is right here!

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Not much analysis this weekend as we have a new coaching hire to talk about. You may have heard something about that... In other news, this is the final weekend of the college football season. No more football until bowl season. Sigh. That went way too fast.

Can Iowa State play its usual 'spoiler' role this weekend? I don't think they are good enough to take down TCU, but stranger things have happened. Ohio State is going into the B1G championship game without its quarterback. Will Melvin Gordon and the Badgers run by the Buckeyes or will OSU show us why Urbz is one of the most highly regarded coaches in the business? Ohio State sits at #5 in the playoff poll. They need to make a statement and hope one of the teams in front of them stumbles (and no one close behind makes a bigger statement).

Our old friends at Missouri get their chance at 'Bama in the SEC championship in a game that could get ugly fast. I just do not see any way Mizzou hangs with the Saban death machine. Georgia Tech and Florida State will "duke" it out for the ACC championship. FSU has been losing ground in the eyes of the playoff committee despite their unbeaten record and they have very little room for error in this one. A loss and they are definitely out of the top 4, but what about an ugly, close win? It could get interesting folks.

Thu, Dec 4, 2014
7:30 PM ET
UCF at East Carolina
Fri, Dec 5, 2014
7:00 PM ET
Northern Illinois vs.
(MAC Championship)
Bowling Green
9:00 PM ET
(7) Arizona vs.
(Pac-12 Championship)
(2) Oregon
Sat, Dec 6, 2014
12:00 PM ET
Iowa State at (3) TCU
12:00 PM ET
Louisiana Tech vs.
(Conference USA Championship)
12:00 PM ET
Houston at Cincinnati
12:00 PM ET
SMU at Connecticut
3:30 PM ET
Oklahoma State at (20) Oklahoma
4:00 PM ET
(1) Alabama vs.
(SEC Championship)
(16) Missouri
7:30 PM ET
Temple at Tulane
7:45 PM ET
(9) Kansas State at (6) Baylor
8:00 PM ET
(13) Wisconsin vs.
(Big Ten Championship)
(5) Ohio State
8:00 PM ET
(4) Florida State vs.
(ACC Championship)
(11) Georgia Tech
10:00 PM ET
Fresno State vs.
(Mountain West Championship)
(22) Boise State