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Who Would We Hire As The Head Coach Of Nebraska?

We have a few names for the masses to digest.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Brian: I want Gary Patterson personally. A Defensive guy who gets you have to hire the best Offensive guys and make sure they develop kids. Look at Trevone Boykin this year. Look at Andy Dalton a few years ago. Gets the whole political thing, and would love the bigger media spotlight than what he gets in DFW.

I’m alright with Dan Mullen too though. Offensive guy who gets what Urban does, and isn’t afraid of the big names in the conference. Recruits well, develops well, and loves visors. How can you hate that?

Mike: I’ll go for Art Briles. He’s won a conference championship.  At freaking Baylor.  Before Art Briles, Baylor was probably the worst Power 5 football program around. Briles turned the thing completely around, and it was more than just Robert Griffin III; they’ve actually won more without him than with him.  Everybody talks about Nebraska needing to recognize who they are (it’s not 1995 anymore) and "settling" for the hot assistant.  Well, opening up the checkbook and landing Briles is like Ohio State landing Urban Meyer. Or Alabama landing Nick Saban.  It’s a game changer and sends a message across college football that Nebraska means it when we say we want to be relevant.  It brings an exciting offense to the Big Ten and opens up recruiting territory in Texas.

It’ll cost money...approaching Saban-esque numbers, but with Big Ten television money on it’s way, the money is there. Eichorst said himself that resources are not an issue.  So why not go out and get one of the best coaches out there.  The only question is whether Briles would be interested, and I suspect he might be. Last year, it looks like Briles would have taken the Texas job if it had been offered. But Texas wanted him to merely interview, and Briles wouldn’t take the risk of appearing disloyal to Baylor if he interviewed and wasn’t selected. So if Eichorst contacts Briles and offers him the job straight-up on the basis of his impressive resume, I suspect he’ll take it.  After the Bears’ game against Kansas State, that is.  (And if Baylor makes it into the playoff, we might have to wait another month on this…)

Oh, and Gary Patterson would be a great get as well…  I just believe that if you are going to fire Bo Pelini, and talk about championships, you’d better get a guy who’s done it.  How long has it been now since Nebraska won a championship?  Let’s quit dorking around with this and get it done.  I think that was the message Shawn Eichorst wanted to convey on Sunday, right?

Ty: I’m like two seconds too late on all of these, Mike.  Great minds think alike! ;-)

So, are we dreaming here, or being realistic?  My next choice who hasn’t yet been mentioned, and is kind of a dark horse, is Matt Wells at Utah State.  The Aggies keep beating teams this year, despite the fact that they’re on to their third string quarterback.  His program clearly has the "next man up" mentality so that no matter whose name is called, that guy’s ready to step up.  His quarterbacks can run to get out of trouble and can throw effectively when need be.  He can recruit good players to UTAH!

However, based on a feeling I’ve had since Sunday, and the new mutterings around town, I think this hire will be a home run.  Wells would be a great hire, but not a home run right out of the box.

Jon Johnston: I don’t really care. I don’t. I know it’s kind of weird to hear some guy running a Nebraska site to say that, but I trust that Shawn Eichorst will do his job and get us the bestest football coach in the history of Nebraska football.

(Plus, I’m at a site today that has the worst phone closet I might have ever seen. It’s amazing. Dead equipment everywhere. There’s even a SCO Unix box in the room. Wow.)

Joe Canale: I’m being a realist.  I don’t think someone who is a head coach at a top 20 program right now would be interested in a school that just fired a coach with Bo’s record.  I like Frost.  I believe his Nebraska roots are a plus with the fan base.  The coaches he’s played for or coached under is as impressive as anyone’s list.  He’s played and coached both offense and defense.  He is young, and seems confident and dynamic, which should be a big help with recruiting todays prospects.  Most importantly, I think he wants this job.  To prove himself and to bring the program he loves back to where we all want it to be.

David: I have no idea what’s realistic and what’s not. I really don’t. Is money whipping David Shaw or Art Briles a realistic option? Briles made $4.25 million this year. Will NU go $5.5? Will they have to go that high? Will he take it? Shaw made *only* $3 million. That’s basically what Pelini made. I mean if one of those two came here I’d be through the roof. Briles has never worked outside of Texas and is pushing 60, if that’s something that’s a concern for you. It’s not for me. I’d take him in a heartbeat (and maybe that opens up the Frost as OC idea. Sorry, couldn’t resist…).