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Who Should Not Be The Huskers Head Coach?

We have our list....

Greg Schiano
Greg Schiano
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Brian: I’ll say it right now - Greg Schiano. Was a marginal guy at Rutgers with one good season. Treated his staff there and at Tampa like crap, he also treated NFL scouts like crap at Rutgers. Then you had that whole victory formation junk and MRSA and.. yea.

He’s wants another job to become a reclamation project. That’s nice. Nebraska isn’t a job right now for your reclamation want, however.

Husker Mike: Scott Frost. Listen, I like Frosty, and see that he’s an up-and-coming potential star in the coaching ranks.  There’s no doubt about that, and he’s probably going to be up for a head coaching gig before too long.  Just not yet.  While he’s the coordinator, he’s working under the previous offensive coordinator, which means that he still doesn’t have complete control of the offense at Oregon just yet.  He needs more seasoning before being considered for a head job.

And certainly not at Nebraska, just yet. He only has two years of coordinator experience, and while he well knows the fishbowl that is LIncoln, that’s more learning on-the-fly than we should ask him to make. Remember, this is the same fan base that booed him in his senior season, and many of us didn’t appreciate his blog entry in 2007 ripping on the Callahan/Pederson error.

Ty: Dang.  I was gonna say Frost, and prolly for the same reasons.  HOWEVER, Nebraska shouldn’t hire Jim Harbaugh.  His success in both the collegiate ranks and the NFL are undisputable (Indisputable?), but his demeanor on the sidelines might just resemble Bo’s.  The dude can develop talent, but would his style fit?

I’m also worried about a coach who has the air about him like Harbaugh does, that he doesn’t play nice with team administration.  He’s been successful in SF, so why does it look like he’s on his way out?  Is it his choice or someone else’s?  Do we want a disgraced NFL coach again (I realize drawing that parallel’s unfair)?  I’m not going to use the "good fit" argument because it too closely resembles the "Michigan Man" idea, but I don’t think that Harbaugh’s personality would fit the Huskers.

The other concern would be the offense he’d bring.  Will he be pass-first?  While I don’t see a problem with that down the road, we don’t have the quarterback for that right now.  The other problem being that when things to south, Husker fans look for run plays.  The last great Stanford back I remember is Toby Gerhardt.  Would we give him time to get his players in here?  Husker fans have been impatient of late.

David: Bret Beilema. He did put a number on the Huskers the last time they played, so you’ve got a little bit of a "Can’t beat him, join him" syndrome going on. Also, if he were to come to Nebraska he’d be at his 3rd job in 4 years. He would carry the mercenary tag. Nebraskans and Husker fans claim to appreciate loyalty in those that they bring into the circle. Well Bielema raises all sorts of questions in that regard. If, in a year or two or three, a better offer comes along, what’s to think he won’t take it? We just got done with a coach that was all up in those rumors. Do we really want to do that again? This should be the destination, not a stepping stone. And let’s be honest, do we really want his #karma around these parts? Pass.