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Corn Flakes Is Looking Forward To A New World

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Bo Pelini era is over.

I am glad.

There were some good moments, plenty of them over the past seven years with him at the helm, but I'm not going to bother to review them. I am tired. The drama of the past few weeks has flat out worn me out. I have never in my life experienced a season of Nebraska football that I wish would end until now.

It will take Mike Riley another week to fully put together his staff. I am looking forward to see what he does with the offense.... so we can all complain about his choices. (That's kind of a joke, but.. not really.) I am unconcerned as to whether he retains any Nebraska assistants.

As far as I'm concerned, this is a new world.

Clean, shiny, unblemished. Perhaps we will be good stewards for a while, to help it grow, flourish, and see what becomes of it.

There are some good bowl games today.

Bowl Time Channel
Liberty Bowl : Texas A&M vs. West Virginia 1:00 PM ESPN
Russell Athletic Bowl : Clemson vs. Oklahoma 4:30 PM ESPN
Texas Bowl : Arkansas vs. Texas 8:00 PM ESPN

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Ameer Abdullah of Nebraska selected as the 2014 Senior CLASS Award® winner for football | Senior CLASS Award
Too bad he couldn't won have a few more awards.....

Riley closer to filling staff

Nebraska head coach Mike Riley said before Saturday's Holiday Bowl that he's about seven to 10 days away from finalizing a staff.

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The Big News

Jim Harbaugh leaving NFL to take over at Michigan, per reports [Updated] -
The Wolverines are about to make a coup of a hire, according to a connected report, hiring the ex-Michigan QB and former Stanford coach away from the pros.

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via Seth It has happened. Jim Harbaugh will be Michigan's head coach starting Tuesday. The race to tell you water is wet is on in earnest, but with even ESPN grudgingly admitting it, it's 100%.

And It's Basketball Season

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The Big Ten is finally able to finish a Saturday without an inexplicable loss.