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By The Numbers: 2014 Final Stats For Nebraska Football

Numbers never lie. They may fib a bit, but they never lie.

David McGee

There are some interesting numbers you can take away from the final stats of the Nebraska Cornhuskers 2014 season that finished the way many of the Bo Pelini era's did at 9-4.

Not only does it tell the overall success of the season, but some do point out the struggles that showed on both Offense and Defense. Plus, it shows what is coming back and what must be replaced and fixed. To the numbers:

491: The total number of points that Nebraska scored on the year, a average of just over 37 per game. Opponents only scored 343 this season against Nebraska, an average of 26.4 per game.

892 - The amount of yards Nebraska (5880) outgained their opponents (4988) this year. The rushing numbers were no contest (3123 to 2312 in fave of Neb.) but the passing yards were similar between Nebraska (2757) and their opponents (2676).

26 - Nebraska forced more punts this year (90) than they punted themselves this season (64).

23 - That is the number of points that Nebraska's opponents (76) scored more on turnovers than the Huskers did themselves (59)

27/13 - The first number is the number of fumbles Nebraska had, with the second the number of those fumbles lost. Nebraska's opponents fumbled 20 times, losing 10 of those.

-2 - That's Nebraska's Turnover Margin for the season. 25 total turnovers for Nebraska, 23 for their opponents.

26.8% - This percentage is how much of Nebraska's 491 points were credited to Ameer Abdullah this season (132). Drew Brown was next with 101 points. Third? Tommy Armstrong Jr., with 42 points. Abdullah's 132 points ties Ahman Green's 1997 season for 3rd in all-time points in a season in Nebraska history.

57.8% - This percentage is how much of Nebraska's 452.3 offensive yards per game was attained by Armstrong every game (261.5 apy/g). Ameer Abdullah had 123.9 ypg, or 27.3%.

66.7% - That's the percentage Drew Brown had this season kicking Field Goals. From 40 yards and beyond, he was 2 for 7.

161 - That is the total number of tackles both starting Safeties in Nate Gerry and Corey Cooper had this season. That is 17.5% of the total number of team tackles. Zaire Anderson led the team this season with 103 total tackles.

10 for 149 and 3 TD's - Those are the combined total numbers for all three Tight Ends that saw touches on the roster this year (Sam Cotton, Cethan Carter, Trey Foster).

62.7% - of the 421 total listed carries by the Running Back position this season, It's the percentage of how many of those carries went to Abdullah (264). Imani Cross was next on the list with 75 carries.

30:16 - The average Time of Possession that Nebraska had each game this season.

950,464 - The total number of people in-person that saw a Nebraska Football game. 638,744 at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, 311,720 at road/neutral site games.