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Corn Flakes: The Next Husker Head Coach? You're Probably Wrong

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Shawn Eichorst declared that he wasn't going to use a search committee to find the next Husker head football coach; that he was going it alone. That's lead to the speculation that Eichorst already had his man before he fired Bo Pelini, that the search will be quick, the implication that Eichorst is as much ninja hunter killer as an athletic director. (Oh, it's a stretch on ninja hunter killer, but hyperbole should be a theme, right?)

That speculation is as good a guess as anyone else has. That's the beautiful thing about not hiring a search committee - know one knows what you're doing so there are no leaks. There will no press conference until the thing is done.

Until then... tons of rampant speculation that'll get weirder the longer it goes on, every possible candidate dissected to the point of dead horse beating.

Where the hell is Bob Davies cable guy when you need him most?

And why hasn't anyone mentioned Kate Upton?

Some updates on other candidates:

Scott Frost is kinda busy.

Jim Tressel was apparently everywhere in Lincoln yesterday.

But then you have this.... from some guy that knows Jim Tressel 'cause he played for him.

The idea that Tressel was ever a candidate was laughable, but as I said, every candidate must be discussed, which really means everyone that has coached football at some level and currently has a pulse.

Why Jim McElwain's $7.5M contract buyout is so critical in talks about his future

Florida would ostensibly have to pay $13.8 million to get Colorado State's Jim McElwain in the door, and all before he even coaches a game.

That is a lot of money. The worst thing that could happen is Nebraska finds itself in Iowa's position - with a coach worse than Pelini but with a massive buyout. That's a ways off, though BUT WE STILL HAVE TO SPECULATE ABOUT IT THOUGH.

Joe Moglia: 'I think the Nebraska opportunity is a great job,' but... - Big Red Today Blog
Coastal Carolina football coach Joe Moglia thinks very highly of the Huskers, but says it'd take an "incredible opportunity" for him to leave the Chanticleers.

Jerry Kill is not the Candidate You're Looking For - The Daily Gopher

I mean, he could be. And he'd be a good coach for your program too. But he's probably not going to leave Minnesota for your city, no matter how nice and shiny your buildings are.

Nicely done update on Jerry Kill's status.


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Jim Harbaugh has one year left on his deal to coach the San Francisco 49ers, but rumors are circulating that the 49ers have no desire to have him coach in 2015. A trade seems likely, so should the Chicago Bears look into their asking price?

Florida Gators coaching search: Let's put three coaches on a "Do not want" list - Alligator Army
There aren't that many candidates for Florida's head coaching job for whom the negatives outweigh the positives. But there are certainly a few prominent names who should be on that list.

Mike Breske fired as defensive coordinator at WSU; Paul Volero also out - CougCenter
Mike Leach has decided to make two more changes to his coaching staff.

Auburn parts ways with DC Ellis Johnson | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: Johnson has been the Tigers' defensive coordinator for two seasons. Auburn lost 55-44 to Alabama on Saturday.

Clemson Tigers OC Chad Morris named SMU Mustangs head coach - ESPN Dallas
SMU says it has hired Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris as its new head coach.

Michigan coach Brady Hoke, interim A.D. Jim Hackett to meet - ESPN
Hoke will meet with Hackett on Tuesday afternoon, sources confirmed to, likely to learn about his future with the program.

Wisconsin beating Ohio State would solve one problem for Playoff committee -

What will the committee do about injured Buckeyes QB J.T. Barrett, if Ohio State's on the bubble?


Bowl ticket allocations down for the Big Ten - TheGazette

IOWA CITY — Unsolid bowl tickets cost the Big Ten and its member programs nearly $4.5 million after last year’s postseason. To combat those numbers, Big Ten schools will receive a fewer bowl tickets coupled with smaller payouts this year.

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THE TAKEAWAY: NEBRASKA - Black Heart Gold Pants
On Saturday, Iowa lost to Nebraska. Kirk Ferentz lost to Bo Pelini for the third time in four meetings. Pelini secured his ninth win for the seventh straight season, a mark Ferentz hasn't reached once in his last five seasons.