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What's Next For Nebraska's Recruiting After Bo Pelini's Firing?

What does Pelini's dismissal mean for the 2015 recruiting class? Lets look real quick.

Joe Burrow, would he look at Nebraska again?
Joe Burrow, would he look at Nebraska again?
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Well, with a coaching change like the Nebraska Cornhuskers are going to go through, the recruiting classes will shake up big time. And this will be no different.

Decommitments will come, like this one:

And this one...

And... this one:

.... and, this one.

(FYI... I treat "staying solid but opening up my recruitment to others" as decomitting, as the new HC has to get that verbal solid.)

It's not uncommon for recruiting to kind of implode like this, but at the same time, it's not a bad thing really for this many spots to open up, especially in this small of a class. Lets look at the positives right now for Nebraska Football Recruiting.

Visits: Nebraska has a lot of visits that they will have open for the new staff. That, amazingly enough, is one big gift that Bo's staff will give the new folks. Nebraska has 32 out of 56 total OV's to utilize, and they will probably use every single one to save this class.

Open spots in needed positions: There's a big gaping void at Quarterback right now in this staff. Kevin Dillman will probably not play in Lincoln at QB (look to a move to TE) and there's room in both the class and the depth chart for a big time QB, High School or JV, to come in and compete this Fall. One name to watch from the HS ranks is Joe Burrow, who is a Nebraska legacy and tearing it up in Ohio. The Ohio St verbal may see Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett in front of him and see his dad & brother's school begging for someone to come in and take control.

Spots in this class: We get that new coaches will want their own players in, but Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst has put out that Nebraska will honor all verbals, which is commendable. It also saves the fact that these kids are committing to the school, not the coach. But, even with less than 20 spots open, there are about 7-10 spots to get commitments with the +3 rule. So it's not like there can't be something to at least work with for this staff. And, honestly, it may be a few big gets and a lot of roster filler. Nebraska may have to go home run or strikeout here.

I wish I could give you some names to look forward to here. However, there's going to be no big offers or such until there's a HC and a resemblance of a staff to work with. The one silver lining is this... that there's a lot of folks that will be willing to at least

Nebraska is currently 8th in the Big Ten 247 Composite Rankings. They are 47th overall across America.

It will get better folks.