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Corn Flakes: Stop Bugging Tom Osborne For Everything?

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Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Bo Pelini says Tom Osborne was forced out.

Tom Osborne says he was not.

One of these two men is lying. I don't have to run a poll to get a feel for which one you'd pick, although if I point out that Osborne was in Congress for a short while will it change your mind much?

That aside, there is this general feeling that everything is better with Osborne around, and if he's not around, that someone can get him on the phone and get his input on everything. It's an easy article for the regular media guys - they just call him, he says his customary 25 words, and POOF!, they have an article you all want to read because, HEY TOM OSBORNE.

I wonder if Osborne gets tired of this constant harassment. Maybe he just wants to go off and talk to Barry Alvarez for a while, have a nice breakfast, and tell everyone else to shove off, but he won't or can't because he's Tom Osborne.

Don't be shocked when the day comes that Osborne files a restraining order against the whole bloody state of Nebraska.

Regarding a Bowl Pick 'Em.

I am not planning on running one. We are required by the mothership to use, and will not accept my cell phone number (why the hell they need a cell #.....), so I'm not going to run one. If someone else would like to set one up, I will be more than happy to publicize it.

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