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Corn Flakes: Paul Chryst To Wisconsin, James Dobson to Vanderbilt

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Wisconsin hires Paul Chryst to replace Gary Andersen - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Barry Alvarez locked onto Chryst early following Andersen's surprise departure for Oregon State.

Paul Chryst to Wisconsin: Badgers react - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Much support has come out for the 30th head coach in Wisconsin history

My reaction to Chryst's hire at Wisconsin is more of a "meh" than my initial reaction of hiring Mike Riley at Nebraska. Reading the reactions of the Wisconsin faithful, they seem to be a lot more impressed by the hire than I expected. He is Barry Alvarez' guy and he'll most likely run the offense that Alvarez wants him to run.

I watched the Chryst presser. It was a cure for insomnia. Suffice it to say that this is the safest hire that Wisconsin could have made. Given that both Bret Bielema and Gary Anderson left within two years of each other it was the best hire Wisconsin could have made.

Husker fans wondered about Riley's record in recent years; Chryst put together three 6-6 regular seasons in a row at Pitt. Take a look at the article below, and you'll find that he put together some pretty impressive offensive stats during his time under Alvarez and Bielema.

Like Riley, time will tell.

Charts: Paul Chryst over the last 10 years
Getting to know Paul Chryst a little more....

Dobson heads to Vanderbilt

James Dobson is expected to be announced as the Strength and Conditioning coach at Vanderbilt in the coming weeks according to Vandy247 ....

I don't have many opinions on Dobson. A lot of Husker fans attribute the number of injuries at Nebraska to him, but I wonder how many fans pay attention to the injuries at other programs. Players are bigger, stronger, faster than ever, along with playing more games than before. It's natural that there are going to be a higher number of injuries. It's physics, although I do have a source familiar with the program who says this:

Anonymous: I could see this coming back in late September when gossip was that Boyd Epley was coming back to work with baseball. Didn't believe it for a second. Boyd will have a hand in reorganizing and resurrecting the strength program with his chosen people...those who meet the approval of Mike Arthur, who prefers to be in the background and not make waves.

Former husker QB Gerry Gdowski left Frank Solich at Ohio to join Vandy last year. Must be an old connection there of some type. Truth be told, N Suh partially dictated how The strength program was run via his Dobson took the old Iowa program with him which didnt work. Thats why we always melted at the end of the season...just like big ten teams of old. In a word: mediocrity.

Michigan reportedly offers Jim Harbaugh $8 million per year -

That would make Harbaugh the highest-paid coach in college football.

The mere fact that this is public probably means Michigan is paying anyone they get a lot more than they might have otherwise.

Les Miles already has a job better than Michigan -
LSU is one of the country's best coaching gigs, for one simple reason.

Baylor and Michigan State will have to adapt to win the Cotton Bowl -
Baylor and Michigan State have more in common than you think. How they adjust to each other should decide the New Year's game.

'Dead period?' 'Quiet period?' Explaining the NCAA's football recruiting calendar -
The NCAA has a complicated set of rules for coaches and prospects to follow, which affects recruiting.

League of lies: In NAIA Football, Nothing Is Quite What It Seems -
In the wonderland of NAIA football, players are paid, everyone uses each other, and nothing is as it seems.

Pitt fires athletic director Steve Pederson; Joe Rudolph named interim coach for Armed Forces Bowl - Bucky's 5th Quarter

After Paul Chryst left for Wisconsin, Steve Pederson is out as Pittsburgh's athletic director.

Pedey fired. Wonder where he'll end up now.

USC NT Antwaun Woods says he had surgery: USC Blog: Orange County Register
USC nose tackle Antwaun Woods said he had surgery Tuesday, presumably for the pectoral muscle injury he suffered three days earlier, and is expected to miss the Dec. 27 Holiday Bowl against Nebraska.

Christian Peter knows domestic abuse
His name is Christian Peter, and the police in Lincoln, Neb., knew him well. During his career as a defensive lineman at Nebraska from 1991 to 1995, he was arrested eight times, convicted four times and accused of assaulting four women. The impact of that violent, troubled history has surfaced anew.

FWAA > News > 2014 FWAA All-America Team
Randy Gregory and De'Mornay Pierson-El made second team All-America by FWAA

The Thing About Transfers | Hail Varsity
If you're worried about losing any Huskers to transfer, consider the rules, and consider the message from the seniors.

And Of Course, Bo Pelini Audio

EXPLICIT: Raw audio of Bo Pelini's final meeting with Nebraska players

Explicit: Raw audio from former Nebraska head football coach Bo Pelini's meeting with the team after Pelini was fired by Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst.

What a complete moron.

I want to be done with the guy. He's proved himself a paranoid ass and we should be done with his delusions.

Other thing I'm tired of is the CN community ripping into each other over him. I am at the point of banning more of you. You will get a warning first, and if you persist in uncivil behavior you will be banned. I don't care how long you've been around - KNOCK OFF ALL THE BITING COMMENTS TOWARDS EACH OTHER.

‘I wasn’t forced out,’ former Husker A.D. Tom Osborne says - Big Red Today Blog

In Bo Pelini’s talk with his players, he told them that Tom Osborne was "forced out" of his job as NU’s athletic director. The World-Herald reached Osborne for his comments on what Pelini said.

Osborne - the guy keeps trying to do other things, but can't escape Nebraska.