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Big Red Cobcast: BTN's Mike Hall Drops Some Knowledge

The Cobcasters talk to Mike Hall about the state of the Big Ten, Husker Power and the SEC hype machine.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a long week. A crazy week. A fruitful week. Long story short, it has been a… week?

So many things have changed. We start the first ever play off in college football. We have a new head football coach and he's announcing a staff that we know less about than we knew him. Abdullah and Bell are almost gone. We're headed to a bowl that I've heard less about than what Taylor Martinez is up to this year.


Mike Hall of the BTN joined us all the way from Chi City (that's Chicago if you aren't a cool kid) to help us put all the pieces together. We talked about the new staff, how much weight all of the B1G coaching hires have for the rest of the conference. We also hit the classics: SEC bias and Kirk Herbstreit.

We hope you enjoy listening to Mike Halls voice, which is almost as soothing as his beautiful, beautiful face.

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