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Mike Riley Intends to Retain At Least One Pelini Assistant Coach

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Riley was interviewed this morning on the Tim Brando and Jim Rome shows, and briefly discussed the coaching staff he's assembling:

Update: HuskerOnline is reporting that secondary coach Charleton Warren will be retained.

We know that Riley has already has four former Oregon State assistants working in Lincoln now:

  • Mark Banker - defense
  • Trent Bray - linebackers
  • Mike Cavanaugh - offensive line
  • Bruce Read - special teams

The assumption is that Banker will be the defensive coordinator, but since Riley has explicitly said that no coordinator assignments have been made, we'll have to wait and see.  If he's not the defensive coordinator, he could theoretically step down to secondary coach.

So who would Riley retain from the current staff? Many point to Charleton Warren, who was the only assistant allowed to continue recruiting after Pelini was dismissed.  I'd be skeptical of that, because that would indicate that the decision to retain Warren was made prior to Riley's hiring. Having the administration dictate an assistant that Riley had to retain would not seem to be a good way to start Riley's staff.

Early on, rumors were that Oregon State receivers coach Brent Brennan was coming to Lincoln, but the latest word out of Corvallis suggests that he's looking to stay with Oregon State. Brennan's work with Biletnikoff Award winner Brandin Cooks should have made him a desirable member of Riley's staff to come along.  Does this open a spot for Rich Fisher, who's done outstanding work developing Nebraska's receivers.

What about Ron Brown, who represents much of the moral foundation of Nebraska football?  Let's also mention Rick Kaczenski, who's developed an impressive group of defensive linemen.

Who would you like to see stay on from the current staff?