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Recruiting Mailbag: What's Next For Nebraska's 2015 Cycle?

We wanted to know what your concerns were for recruiting. And you had some good ones.

David McGee

So, in a effort to talk about what the future holds for this 2015 recruiting cycle for Mike Riley and his Nebraska Cornhuskers, I could have gone on about the future and all that. However, I realized that this is a whirlwind for both people who follow this stuff AND the fans. So, I asked you what you wanted to know.

And you came through very well. So, lets take a few and give answers.

I really do. Lets face it, he went from Denver back to KC down to Atlanta and New Orleans in a week. That's a pretty impressive feat for a guy trying to hire a staff still and such. What I would like to know, however, is what is going to be done with the kids who he didn't visit. He didn't see Kevin Dillman down in DFW or Nekyle Lundie in Atlanta, or Christian Gaylord, Michael Decker or Daishon Neal in their more local areas.

There are whispers that Neal may visit Oregon, but Dillman could be another issue. He may not be a QB verbal for the Huskers much longer, because he's been splitting time between QB and H-Back for Denton Guyer's JV team. Here are some highlights of Dillman at Denton.

As you can see, Dillman does have a future on the Football field, but I don't think you can take him as a QB and think he's going to be someone that gets up the depth chart in Lincoln, at least in my eyes. That leads to our next question...

Well.. you have Joe Burrow, who as Trey mentioned is committed to Ohio State. However, he may see the logjam of QB's in front of him at Ohio State with Cardale Jones, J.T. Barrett and Braxton Miller begging for snaps. Plus, your brother was a Husker for Frank Solich and your dad coaches with Frank Solich. Mr. Ohio would probably have the ability to compete to get on the field immediately for Nebraska.

Then you have Sheriron Jones, who was committed to Florida but backed out when Will Muschamp lost his job. Tennessee seems like the leader, but the thought is that if Nebraska can get him in for a OV, then possibly he could become a Husker.

Bottom line is that Nebraska could definitely not hurt to take another Quarterback this class. But, the numbers may be odd, which goes to the next question...

This is where I think it gets a little odd. Lets say that Dedrick Young commits to Nebraska tomorrow, then you could very well have 3 guys commit from the Visitor list this weekend (Jalin BarnettAdrienne Talan, and Matt Snyder). That makes 4 adding into Nebraska's class of 13 commits already. That makes 17, and that's really, really pushing it. I can't see more than 18-19 at best, and that counts Kendall Bussey in the class.

Nebraska had 9 scholarship Seniors this year, and was playing with 80 scholarships in itself. So, 9 plus 5 is 14, and we assume Randy Gregory is bouncing to the NFL in a couple of weeks. That's 15 spots, and that is if Jamal Turner isn't getting a Medical Redshirt. Add Courtney Love and Greg Hart leaving, there you have 17, minus one for Ryker Fyfe so 16. Big Ten +3 rule comes in, and you're at 19 to sign unless you have attrition soon. You could use a QB, and a replacement for Bussey at RB.

Next year, you could have at least 20 spots to get a full year's recruiting cycle in. That goes a long way to getting your type of team in, especially if you switch to a 3-4 like it'd been quasi-rumored.

Last Question!

Well, if there's a name to watch (and I'm not saying it'll happen but LETS HAVE FUN), it is Jarrett Stidham, the 5 star Dual Threat QB out of Stephenville, Texas. Stidham made news when he decommitted from Texas Tech yesterday. It's probably a big, big, BIG longshot due to Baylor and Oregon being in the mix. However, there are worse things to aim for no?

No matter what, Nebraska's fanbase has seen the recruiting effort, especially on social media. And it's refreshing to see. If the Huskers can get into some homes that hadn't been open lately with Riley and Ryan Gunderson working as hard as they did in Corvallis, with the bigger & better facilities and resources that they seem to have in Lincoln.