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Corn Flakes: Gary Andersen Leaves Wisconsin For Oregon State

He Be Gone.
He Be Gone.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Shocking news yesterday as it was announced that Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen left Wisconsin to become the new head coach at Oregon State. The move doesn't make a lot of sense from an outsider's perspective. Andersen basically leaves a program that has done pretty well over the past few years to take a position at a place without as many resources and at which it will be harder to recruit at than in Madison.

Our Wisconsin SBNation site Bucky's 5th Quarter is all over the news. The first article below looks at reasons as to why Andersen might have left, and when you go through it, it still doesn't make sense. Social media (twitter) indicated that he was frustrated that his JUCO recruits couldn't get admitted to Wisconsin, but it's odd that you'd leave a job after you'd just won your division despite the ass-kicking that was delivered by Ohio State.

Andersen left. BERT left. What the hell is going on in Wisconsin?

Gary Andersen to Oregon State: Possible reasons why he left Wisconsin - Bucky's 5th Quarter
I know you guys are hurting, but before you can move on from a breakup, you have to analyze the reasons why it went south in the first place. Let's dive in.

Gary Andersen to Oregon State: 5 names to look at for Wisconsin's replacement - Bucky's 5th Quarter
An early, early look at possible replacements for Gary Andersen at Wisconsin.

Gary Andersen out at Wisconsin, headed to Oregon State - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Stunning news from Madison: Gary Andersen is done at Wisconsin after two seasons. Instead, he's already been announced as the new Oregon State head coach.

Gary Andersen to Oregon State: Wisconsin players react - Bucky's 5th Quarter
An ongoing list of Wisconsin players reacting to the news that Gary Andersen is leaving UW for Oregon State.

It was supposed to be a quiet year on the Big Ten coaching carousel. About that...

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Late-game mistakes spell doom for Nebraska in a 74-73 to Division I newcomer.

I didn't get to watch this whole game, but I did get to see the last few minutes. What I saw was a team that looks like they've believed their own press before the season started. Pretty disappointing. Unless they figure out how they're going to get their focus back, it might be a really long season.