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Vine St. Hooligans Ep. 15: Ft. The Bottom Line's Mike'l Severe

The Hooligans discuss the Mike Riley hire, the state of Nebrasketball, the national relevancy of Creighton hoops, and more with 'The Bottom Line' host Mike’l Severe. Shawn Eichorst's stealthy coaching search, the Nebraska vs. Creighton game, and Mike Riley's possible assistant coaches are also discussed.

Eric Francis/Getty Images

The Hooligans are back with a vengeance to discuss the Mike Riley hire, the Huskers vs. Jays basketball game, and more! Here are the highlights from this edition of the Vine St. Hooligans podcast:

  • The Bottom Line's Mike'l Severe drops by to compare the coaching records of Bo Pelini and Mike Riley, the national perception of both Husker football and Jays hoops, and more.
  • Someone Joe is VERY familiar with joins us for the "Hometown Hooligans" segment to drop some knowledge on the state of hoops in Nebraska.
  • Derek details his pre-game experience before the big NU/CU basketball game this past Sunday and discusses the atmosphere inside Pinnacle Bank Arena.
  • Nick and company discuss what's wrong with Nebrasketball right now and where Tim Miles and the team can go from here.

The very first trivia question winner is announced! Corn Nation community member Beltway Brett submitted the correct answer to last episodes trivia question. Yes, Creighton football existed and, yes, they were outscored by Nebraska 158-0 in the three games the two teams played against each other.

Don't worry, you have another chance to win since the team is doing yet another trivia question on this week's show. Be the first to comment with the correct answer to the trivia question the team asks at the top of the show and you will win a free t-shirt.

You can jump right into the podcast by clicking the play button below or you can check out the show notes at the bottom of this post for detailed information about the segments and music included in the show. Enjoy!

Show Notes
0:00:25 Intro
0:02:13 Trivia Question
0:04:36 Stat of the Week
0:06:16 #HuskerHotTake 1: Nebrasketball
0:23:38 #HuskerHotTake 2: Mike Riley Hire
0:50:05 Mike'l Severe Interview
1:08:31 Nebraska Tourism Commercial
1:10:34 Hometown Hooligan (kind of)
1:18:03 Closing Thoughts

0:00:14 Blow Me Away (Halo 2) - Breaking Benjamin
0:49:55 All Star - Smash Mouth
1:08:31 The Fountains of Rome (Respighi) - London Symphony Orchestra
1:21:17 Kill The Headlights - Rev Theory

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