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Cobs of the Week: Iowa, Fans Tweeting at Upset Players, and UAB

Michael Hickey/Getty Images

This was an awfully quiet week for nominations for the Cob. Ohio State was certainly in the mix when they were losing to Michigan, but they pulled it out in the end.  Alabama's defense probably was worth considering as well.  But still, it was awfully quiet on the Cob thread.

Oh Iowa was there, for both their collapse from a 24-7 lead against the Huskers and the very wise decision to punt to De'Mornay Pierson-El. Great news for the Big Ten is that Iowa shows no interest in buying out Kirk Ferentz's contract.

But then Sunday morning, we got a couple of late adds. After Shawn Eichorst dismissed Nebraska coach Bo Pelini, Nebraska players reacted strongly on Twitter.  That shouldn't come as any surprise, as the relationship between Pelini and his players has always been remarkably strong.

But for some inane reason, some people decided to respond to players who were clearly shocked and upset by the big news. Like this:

I understand why players responded the way they did.  They were recruited to Nebraska by Pelini and believed in him. They've dedicated years of their life playing for him; they have more invested in the program than any of us fans.  So it's no surprise they reacted strongly.  But why would somebody take the opportunity to be an "internet tough guy" and lash out at the players who are hurting?

Then today came word that Alabama-Birmingham was shuttering their football program, one day after UAB finished a turnaround season where they qualified for their first bowl bid in a decade.  Yes, it's not exactly new news for UAB...and they've known this might be coming for a few weeks, but it's still awful news for that team.

So who gets the Cob for being the Worst of the Weekend in College Football?