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Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

He's paying off a bet he lost in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl!

The creators of the Big Red Cobcast are trying out a new segment this week featuring one of their recurring visitors "The Ol' Ball Coach".  Each week (or so) he'll take your questions about sports, shopping, eating, breathing or anything else and answer them with his own special brand of southern charm mixed with arrogance and indifference.  It's like Dear Abby meets the SEC  (without the underlying anger about how the Civil War turned out).

Have a listen to "The Ol' Ball Coach" describing his segment in his own words.

Be sure to leave your questions for the Ol' Ball Coach in the Comments section.  Our bit depends on your support!!!

And if you are wondering what would inspire such a segment, then enjoy this "other" version of the Ol' Ball Coach NOT answering questions.