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Corn Flakes: I Want Jim Harbaugh at Michigan

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Thearon W. Henderson

The Big Ten Gets an F - Wide Right & Natty Lite

How did Maryland and Rutgers work out for you?

I have to say.... this would be an easier article were it not coming from a site about a school that continues to be screwed over by the Big 12 conference more than anyone and would have taken an invite in a heartbeat had it been extended.

With fond memories in hand, former KU football coach Mark Mangino calls Saturday visit to Lawrence 'a business trip' /
He's back for ALL THE PIZZA

Lawyer: Jameis Winston hearing scheduled for week of Nov. 17
A Florida State disciplinary hearing into whether an alleged rape involving quarterback Jameis Winston violated the student conduct code has been scheduled for the week of Nov. 17, according to an attorney for the woman who made the allegation.

Election Day brings to mind sports - On the Banks
I may be one of the few people who can - on a regular basis - tie sports into history or political science. It's who I am. And you can join in the Election Day connection. Athletes who ended up in government! My kinda day!

Marshall Looks to Continue Winning Ways and Impress Committee in Trip to Hattiesburg - Underdog Dynasty
Marshall looks to impress voters and playoff committee members while trying to keep their perfect season alive.

The No-Win Proposition Of Playing Northern Illinois - The Champaign Room
The Fighting Illini have nothing to gain from playing the Huskies on the gridiron.

So You're Having a Hate Week - The Daily Gopher
Hello Hawkeyes. We don't like you.

Is there any young receiving talent? - Inside NU
The future for Northwestern's pass-catchers doesn't look too bright.

Buckeyes-Spartans now B1G headliner - ESPN
Neither will call the other "rival," but Michigan State-Ohio State has taken on huge meaning across the Big Ten, especially in recent years.

Ohio State fans, it's okay to love Michigan State football just a teensy bit - Land-Grant Holy Land
Michigan State and Ohio State meet for the de facto B1G East Division title on Saturday. We're rooting for Ohio State, of course, but if there was another team worthy of a Buckeye fan's affection, it has to be Sparty.

BSD Film Room: A Frustrated Offense - Black Shoe Diaries
Film Room takes a quick look at pass protections, and savors a few defensive highlights.

Just the Stats: Penn State at Indiana - Black Shoe Diaries
We're the number one rush defense again, and our pass defense just keeps getting better. Now, if only that would translate into a win...

Jerry Rice thinks Jim Harbaugh is 'gone' from the 49ers -

49ers great Jerry Rice added more fuel to rumors that head coach Jim Harbaugh will be leaving the organization after the season.

The Big Ten could use Jim Harbaugh as a coach at Michigan. I can already imagine him meeting Urbz on the field after the game in a replay of Pete Caroll:



Harbaugh has that... oh, arrogance, about him that draws reporters to him. He and Urbz could start a whole new 10-year war, given that either of them (or anyone else for that matter) lasts 10 years at the position. The fact that he was a NFL coach would bring recruits, although Michigan supposedly already had them, it would bring more.

SOMETHING has to happen to bring some buzz to Big Ten football. Jim Harbaugh is part of that thing that could happen.


Penn State Basketball Preview: Who Are You, John Johnson? - Black Shoe Diaries

He's already a senior after playing just half a season with the Nittany Lions. What should we expect from Flipp in 2015?

You know how many times in my life I've been called John Johnson? One of the first magazines I wrote for years ago was a monthly computer rag, and it took the friggin' publisher six months to get my name right.

It's better than Yon Yohnson, though, which I first learned from Vonnegut:

My name is Yon Yonson,
I come from Wisconsin.
I work in a lumber yard there.
Everyone that I meet
When I walk down the street,
Says "Hello! What's your name?"
And I say: My name is Yon Yonson... (repeated again and again).

The Morning After: What We Know In Bloomington - The Crimson Quarry
After a tumultuous 72 hours in Bloomington, the dust has begun to settle. CQ takes a look back at what we know, what questions still need answers, and how the Indiana basketball program moves forward from here.

How Will Suspensions Affect IU this Season and Beyond? - BT Powerhouse
Tom Crean suspended three Hoosiers for the first four games of 2014-15, will it be a minor hiccup or a nail in the proverbial coffin?

Wisconsin Leads Big Ten In Odds To Win NCAA Title - BT Powerhouse
The Badgers lead the Big Ten in odds to win the title.


No Coast Bias Bo-Te or Die: Husker Coach Bo Pelini's Official Election Ballot | No Coast Bias
Husker Coach Bo Pelini got a special election ballot for today's voting. Here's an exclusive first look. . .

Injured Nebraska star Ameer Abdullah 'doing great'
Coach Bo Pelini said Tuesday that Abdullah is "doing great" and should be "100 percent" for the game. The No. 15 Cornhuskers are off this week.

POLL: Predict The Big Ten Record For The Nebraska Cornhuskers In 2014-2015 - BT Powerhouse
Take a shot at predicting Nebraska's record this season.

2014-15 Nebraska Preview: The Guards - BT Powerhouse
With the departure of Ray Gallegos, how will Nebraska's backcourt look this season?

Tim Miles Sport Director Application | The Iron N | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

I'm not much for face or body painting but I do like to go commando for gamedays. It really gives that level of freedom that I need for inspiration. I think a tradition like this would take the Red Zone to the next level.