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Vine St. Hooligans - Ep. 11: Parity, Beck's Play-calling, and a Visit From Ron Kellogg III

The VSH crew is back with a refreshed format. Listen as the team discusses when exactly is a "win a win", Ameer's Heisman chances, Tim Beck's play-calling, and more. Ron Kellogg III also stops by to do a quick interview.

A win is a win, right?
A win is a win, right?
Eric Francis

It's been a minute, but the Hooligans are back with a brand new format that'll surely keep you entertained. Here's what the crew has in store for you on this edition of the Vine St. Hooligans podcast:

  • The Stat of the Week shines some light on exactly how tough Nebraska's B1G schedule has been so far
  • During the Good Cop/Bad Cop segment, Derek has the unfortunate task of defending Tim Beck's play-calling
  • Former Nebraska QB Ron Kellogg III conducts an Misty's....while eating a steak!
  • The team discusses parity in today's college football landscape and when exactly is a "win a win"
  • Joe tells the story of his nightmarish Halloween night and Nick discusses his disdain for Daylight Saving Time
Joe Is Weird

No wonder Joe had a ridiculous Halloween night #FullKitWanker

Not only does the VSH crew debut a few new segments, but they also give you a chance to win some free swag! That's right, be the first to comment with the correct answer to the trivia question the team asks at the top of the show and you will win a free t-shirt. Now you have yet another reason to listen to the smooth sounds of Derek, Joe and Nick.

You can jump right into the podcast by clicking the play button below or you can check out the show notes at the bottom of this post for detailed information about the segments and music included in the show. Enjoy!

Show Notes
00:18 Intro - new segments
01:54 Trivia Question - WIN SOME FREE SWAG
03:01 Stat of the Week 
09:10 Good Cop/Bad Cop - Ameer's Heisman chances, Beck's play-calling, & Gregory's NFL potential
21:20 Ron Kellogg III Interview
38:10 #HuskerHotTakes - a win is a win 
45:57 Closing Thoughts

00:08 Bruises - Chairlift
21:09 My Hero - Foo Fighters
46:30 Threat - Jay-Z
51:16 7 Days - Craig David

Make sure to give the crew a follow at @vinestpod on Twitter and to provide your feedback in the comments section below! If you are interested in being featured in the new "Hometown Hooligan" feature, please email