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Twitter Reaction to Firing of Bo Pelini

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The tweets that shook the college football world.

Faux Pelini took this pretty hard.

How was the news broken to you?

Doc Sadler

Tommy Armstrong

DeMornay Pierson-El

Josh Mitchell

Matt Finnin

Michael Rose-Ivey

Jack Gangwish

Nathan Gerry

Vincent Valentine

Taariq Allen

Jordan Westerkamp

Zach Sterup

Cole Pensick

Mike Moudy

David Santos

Givens Price

Corey Cooper

Leroy Alexander

David Santos

Greg McMullen

Daniel Davie

Sam Foltz

Chongo Kondolo

Charles Jackson

Derek Foster

Austin Williams

Samuel Hahn

Here are some reactions by former Husker players.

Rex Burkhead

DeJon Gomes

Prince Amukamara

Alonzo Whaley

Ron Kellogg III

P.J. Mangieri

Scott Shanle.

Jemarcus Hardrick

Eric Martin

Terrence Moore

Spencer Long

Tim Marlowe

Will Compton

Zach Potter

Joe Ganz

Jeremiah Sirles

Ndamukong Suh

I will try to keep updating this as new tweets are posted. A regular Twitter recap will still be posted tomorrow morning.