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Big Red Cobcast: Oh No You Purdiii-iiiidn't

Purdue was the most boring football game this millenium. Luckily, the Cobcast guys are super exciting. Have a listen and find out why.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was boring.

I should just end this article here, But I never do what I should. Here's an example, I should have been a doctor or lawyer BUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT I didn't study that and chose to be an actor and get a liberal arts degree instead.

Side Note - Parents, don't let your kids follow their dreams. Ground them young and ground them often. I don't mean punish them, I mean show them pictures of homeless people on Venice Beach and point out that they all thought they would be the next  Meryl Streep or whatever.

But I digress

Purdue didn't and that's great, a W's a W, but I want to speak about the genius that is Bo Pelini. He's messing with Wisconsin's heads. Lets make them prepare for Newby and Cross and then throw Abdullah all over their Badger asses. This is what I imagine Abdullah looks like after an injury.

We'll be fine.

In this episode we talk about the game, obviously. PLUS Jeff Foxworthy's bodyguard is a Wisky fan, Jack Hoffman is the best at being a kid and how the SEC is still the most overrated thing in the history of things being overrated.

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