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Cobs of the Week: Maryland, Chris Blewitt, Nebraska Offense, Steve Spurrier, and Fox

Right off the bat with the Saturday's early games, we found a couple of candidates for the Cob. Heck, one actually came before kickoff, if you can believe that.


The Terps apparently wanted to start a new conference rivalry with Penn State, so their captains refused to shake hands at the pre-game coin toss. Which then escalated to a shoving match and Maryland being hit with a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty prior to kickoff. Apparently a Maryland player even hit a referee during the scrum:

GIF image from ESPN

Chris Blewitt

Pitt's kicker has had to endure a lot of jokes at the expense of his last name. Especially when he misses a game-winning 26 yard field goal attempt. Yes... he Blewitt, wide left.

Duke would go on to defeat Pitt in double overtime 51-48.

Nebraska's Offense

Yes, the Huskers won by 21 points. But two of Nebraska's touchdown drives started inside the Purdue 20 yard line, thanks to stellar play by the defense and special teams. Three other times, Nebraska took possession of the ball inside the Purdue 35 yard line, and couldn't score. They couldn't even top 300 yards of offense against one of the worst defenses in the Big Ten and had to punt six times. At times, they couldn't even snap the ball right.

Steve Spurrier

South Carolina led 42-28 with under five minutes left in the game...and allowed Tennessee to send the game in overtime. And in that overtime, quarterback Dylan Thompson was sacked twice to necessitate a 58 yard field goal on 4th and 26...which missed. After the game, Spurrier's post game press conference lasted just 54 seconds.

Yes, the transcript actually fits on an iPhone screen print...and I don't think it was a 6 Plus either.


Fox Sports Live tried to tease an upcoming story about a "Heisman Candidate" who was injured with a photo.

Fox Sports Live Abdullah Screen Capture

Hmmm... there's an NFL shield cropped out of the jersey...and wait, isn't that an arrowhead logo on the turtleneck? Since when is a Kansas City Chief a candidate for the Heisman Trophy?

Using some sort of one-Muslim-is-just-like-any-other-Muslim logic, Fox decided to use a picture of Chiefs' free safety Husain Abdullah (who made news a few weeks ago for drawing a penalty after bowing down in prayer following an interception return) for a story presumably about Nebraska's Ameer Abdullah.

Well, he was wearing a red jersey...

So who's the worst of this weekend in college football? Who gets the cob?