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Corn Flakes: Getting Ready for Iowa

Noah Johnston

EXCLUSIVE Interview with UVA's "Goose Guy" - Streaking The Lawn

As the Virginia Cavaliers closed out a big 30-13 victory over Miami, the mood at Scott Stadium was revelrous. But "Goose Guy" put everyone else to shame. His "performance" went viral, and we asked him what in the world he was thinking

This is bloody hilarious.

Trevor Siemian is out for the season with a torn ACL, Zack Oliver will start against Illinois - Inside NU

Zack Oliver will make his first career start in a must-win for the Cats.

Northwestern has the worst luck with injuries. How many players have they lost this season?

Who Could Be Purdue’s Sugar Daddy? - Hammer and Rails

I am not above whoring out Purdue sports for a load of money.

Purdue just won't spend the money it takes to be competitive in sports.

Recapping the four factors identified for the Iowa-Wisconsin game.

THE TAKEAWAY: WISCONSIN - Black Heart Gold Pants
Sure, Iowa just dropped a tough home loss to Wisconsin, 26-24. But how much do we really know? What was really important about losing to the Badgers? What does it all mean, Basil? The Takeaway has the answer.

Melvin Gordon, Badgers react to Paul Bunyan's Axe moving away from sideline - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Melvin Gordon isn't in favor of the Axe being "hidden" for Saturday's rivalry game vs. Minnesota.

Gary Andersen Clarifies His Paul Bunyan Axe Comments - Translation: He Took Back The Stupid Things He Said, Sort Of - The Daily Gopher
The official walking back of Andersen's comments by the UW PR folks came more quickly than I anticipated.

Football Five Factors: Good Knight - The Only Colors
Your Monday morning deep dive into the 45-3 romp over Rutgers


This Week's AP Poll Features Four Big Ten Teams - BT Powerhouse

This week's AP poll features four Big Ten teams, with another five teams receiving votes.

Unfortunately it no longer includes Nebraska, which dropped out after the loss to Rhode Island.

2014 Maui Invitational: Kansas State 88, Purdue 79 - Hammer and Rails
An awful first half was too much to overcome for Purdue.

Pollin' It: Michigan slides up the rankings and looks to make a bigger jump this week - Maize n Brew
The Wolverines made a small shift up the polls and look to move farther up this week.

B1G Hoops Power Rankings: Nov. 24th, 2014 - Maize n Brew
Using interesting statistics, colorful graphics, and some snark, Maize n Brew lists the Big Ten's best basketball teams as they play in their respective holiday tournaments in our weekly power rankings.

Look, Petteway can be a great scorer, but he's a volume scorer at best. If the Huskers' offense even wants to have a chance at being somewhat efficient this season, Petteway needs to pass the ball to his teammates -- his assist rate is only 5.4 percent, which is 79th among the 93 Big Ten players that qualify. Sure, it hurts that some of his teammates have started the season in serious shooting slumps -- Walter Pitchford, a 41-percent three-point shooter last season, has made only one of his first 11 shots from behind the arc -- but Petteway needs to give them an opportunity to actually, you know, shoot.

I'm not a good enough basketball guy to tell you whether all this is correct or not.


All The Runzas - Off Tackle Empire

A Buckeye Goes to Nebraska in a Minnesota Sweatshirt

And of course, as a visiting fan he's treated like royalty. Now if we could only figure out how to treat our own fans with the same amount of respect.

Barfknecht: Is Husker sellout streak the next cornerstone to tumble? - Big Red Today - Husker Football News, Schedules And Videos

Imagine if the Huskers hosted Penn State this weekend, and the tired Nittany Lions returned 3,000 tickets from their allotment. Would the beloved, last-thing-we-have-to-hang-on-to Memorial Stadium sellout streak end?

If that's all it takes, then yeah, it's gonna end sometime soon. Is that how you define a sell-out streak? Every last ticket sold? That's a pretty high bar. Most promoters would say that 90% of tickets sold would constitute a sell-out.

Getting Over the Hump | Hail Varsity
At his weekly press conference, Bo Pelini said he wouldn't be afraid to make staff changes if he thought they were necessary.

3 & Out: Minnesota
The Hail Varsity staff offers three final takeaways from the Minnesota game.

Theriot Named to Wooden Award List - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska junior Rachel Theriot was named one of 30 early season candidates for the 2015 Wooden Award presented to the nation's top women's college basketball player.

Huskers Look to Bounce Back vs UNO on Tuesday - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
After a tough overtime loss at Rhode Island, the Nebraska basketball team needs to bounce back as it takes on the University of Nebraska-Omaha Tuesday evening at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

Nebraska ice hockey competitive, but allows ‘normal college life’ - Daily Nebraskan: Sports
Ice hockey is the second-hardest sport to play in the world, according to ESPN and a group of sports scientists from the United States Olympic Committee.

Huskers Prepare for Heroes Game at Iowa - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Coach Bo Pelini and Nebraska football student-athletes discussed this Friday's regular-season finale at Iowa when the Huskers met the media at Memorial Stadium on Monday.

Huskers' Pelini says he's doing all he can to win | FOX Sports
Huskers' Pelini says he's doing all he can to win

Nebraska Cornhusker Kenny Bell's career full of fun and heartbreak - ESPN

Receiver wouldn't change a thing after record-breaking career at school.

And finally, a metaphorical look at what happened last weekend:

click to embiggen.

Wooden Chair Huskertoon