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Bo Pelini Weekly News Conference (11/24/14) Recap: Let's Talk Iowa Instead

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At his weekly press conference, Bo Pelini got a few questions about what went wrong against Minnesota and some more big picture questions that he really didn't want to answer.

That sounds dangerously close to the type of things I recall Bill Callahan saying in 2007.

We all know that Shawn Eichorst isn't going to say anything publicly until after the season is over, and depending on his perspective, might not be until January. And if he's said anything to Pelini in private, Bo's not going to leak it in a press conference either. So while I understand that the media has to at least fish for it, they shouldn't be expecting a bite either.

Anybody who says that Pelini can't/won't make changes simply isn't paying a lot of attention. He's changed his practice routine, for starters. We can argue about whether it's helped the team play better in November or not (I suspect it's "not"), but to paint Pelini as stubborn and inflexible is a manufactured falsehood.

This is one of the biggies. Not only would he do it, Pelini HAS done it. He sent Corey Raymond back to LSU; he sent Shawn Watson to Louisville. So do I think Pelini has to be told to fire people on his staff? No. If Shawn Eichorst has to say that, then Pelini should be fired first. In fact, I suspect Pelini already has a good idea as to what changes need to be made. They just can't be done on a game week. Probably not until after the bowl game, in fact.

Turning to Iowa (finally)...

Turning to injuries...

Other notes...

It's a short week, everybody.