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The Way Forward For Nebraska Football Fans

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

It's Thanksgiving week. The holidays are starting. For many that means manic shopping on Black Friday; for others it means getting together with family.. or not. Tonight Mrs CN commented it would be the first real holiday without our daughter at home. She sincerely misses her and there isn't a damned thing I can do to make that any better (well, I could fly her out to Southern California on a whim, but we can't afford to do that a lot).

The Minnesota loss hurt the Husker fan base a lot. We're passionate about our football, that goes without saying.

It's Iowa week. I hate Iowa. I'm sure most of you do too. I have no interest in Nebraska losing to Iowa, just as much as I had no interest in Nebraska losing to Minnesota.

Changes will come to the Nebraska football program before next season. Bo Pelini said as much himself in the Minnesota post-game presser. Will Pelini get fired? Will he resign? Will assistant coaches lose their jobs while Pelini keeps his head coaching position?

There's only one guy we know that has the answers to those questions and he runs the Nebraska athletic department. He's not all that talkative, and he's stated on several occasions that he doesn't comment on what's going to happen during the season.

Until those changes are announced, we'll see a feeding frenzy of the worst kind - Husker fans feasting on other Husker fans. Those who have been Bo-haters are having their day, while those that supported Pelini are running for cover.

The Bo-haters would love nothing more than to say "I told you so" a thousand million times. The Bo-Believers don't really want to hear about it. It's hard to be wrong and even worse when you don't control the circumstances about what you're wrong about.

When someone wrongs you, it's difficult to forgive, and it's even harder to forget. You know this already. You deal with it in your real lives. You screwed up with your friends, your family, maybe even your marriage. It is human nature to want forgiveness for your screw ups, but to punish others for theirs.

The problem is this attitude is not conducive to healthy long-term relationships. It leaves people with a feeling worse than a bad after-taste. It leaves a bitterness that festers while it waits for its turn to be fed.

So if you're on the side that's winning, I'd ask you to be kind. We're all in this together. Husker football is supposed to be something we all love, and something we all love together.

We should be together on hating Iowa and we should be together on wanting our team to win. Forget the "I told you so's" despite your need to be acknowledged in being right. Let it go.

I want to run a web site where people can be civil to each other, where people are free to discuss their opinions without fear of being emotionally run into the ground. If you have this need to beat the hell out of someone because you feel you've been beaten before, resist it.

You forgive people for you, not for them; most of the time, they don't care whether you forgive them or not. It's you that has to carry that burden, that festering.

Besides that, it's Iowa this week for crying out loud. If there's one thing that should bring us all together it should be this: