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Cobs of the Week: Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Nebraska, Ole' Miss, and Purdue Fans

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

As you might suspect, Nebraska gets another Cob nomination this week, but this week, there was other suckage to ridicule in college football. So for those of you who can't bear to vote for the Huskers in this vote have an alternative.

Virginia Tech at Wake Forest

We've never nominated a game by itself, but it's hard to separate these two. Earlier this weekend, I stumbled across some research about how the rise of spread offenses and rule changes favoring offenses has led to an explosion of offense across college football. In the last 5 years alone, yardage and scoring are up 20%.  (Kind of makes it meaningless to compare statistics from today's game to games from ten, twenty, or even fifty years ago...but I digress...)

So how the heck does this happen?

Well, there's this.

Yeesh...worst game of the year? The two teams combined for 488 total yards of offense and nineteen punts.


You saw the game.  What do you think?

Ole' Miss

A month ago, the Rebels were ranked third in the AP poll and undefeated.  Since then, they've lost three straight games against division 1-A foes, including a 30-0 shutout loss to Bert's Arkansas team.

Purdue Fans

The Boilermakers had improved quite a bit on the field with Austin Appleby at quarterback, but Purdue fans don't care.  It's basketball season.  Check out this photo of the crowd at Ross-Ade Stadium just before kickoff.

Remember when Husker fans took over Evanston, forcing Northwestern to use a silent count on their home field? Well, this week, Northwestern's coaches took over West Lafayette...

So there you have it. Who's the worst of this past weekend in college football?