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Corny Kickoff Poetry is Moving On...Mostly

Your usual rhyme smorgasbord where we focus on the future (mostly) with a special thank you to the seniors.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Alright everyone - your assignment, should you choose to accept, is to finish these rhymes in the comments. As always, other contributions by you are welcome. Some of the past ones you've put in the comments have been my favorites! Go Big Red!

Huskers are red
Minnesota is cold

Huskers are red
A chair is at stake

Haiku and Short Form

Wisconsin Badgers
They made us look very bad
Time to right the ship

Fire Bo! Don't fire Bo!
I'm not ready for nine more
Months full of this crap

Dear Minnesota
You will face our vengeful wrath.
Sorry, not sorry.

Jump around no more
Jet sweep nightmares are too real
Go back to sleep please

Huskers are red
Minnesota is cold
Nebraska will fight hard
Against the maroon and gold

Huskers are red
Minnesota's running back
Will make us pay
If the defense is slack

There was once a mascot named Goldy
Who made a bet with a Twitter parody
$5 sounds right
Or with a chair will fight
Now we have the Big Ten's coolest trophy

The Hangover Part 3

All of Husker Nation was stunned
As another game Wiscy won
It was the way that they beat
and handed over defeat
that brought fans to the brink,
Collectively reaching for drinks
Staring at TVs, look away and then
Oh no, Wisconsin scored again.

Moving Forward

The past is done
Forward we look
Minny's a tough team
Close loss they've shook
Bringing a ground war
That is pretty tough
Defense better be sharp
Will they dig deep enough?

The other side of the ball
Has had a rough go
The leader is hurt
And starts have been slow
They have the talent
And a lot of pride
Hold on to your hats
This will be a great ride

A special thank you
To 13 young men
Blood, sweat, and tears
and effort genuinie
Some names we know
And some we do not
One of the greatest of all,
and scout team spots

Who could ever forget
Some hilarious gifs?
Lead the team in tackles,
Or a pass intercept.
A one-handed grab
by our favorite ‘Fro
This program is beloved
And players are its soul

Argue and debate
Because us fans do care
But our effort pales
To what you put out there
A special salute
The last time you'll be
In Memorial Stadium
wearing Scarlet and Cream