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The Official Nebraska 'Fire Someone' Flowchart

You want heads to roll? Do not go off half-cocked. Plan your coaching carousel with this handy flow chart.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

If Husker fans have learned anything, you do not just fire a coach and then go running around begging someone to take your job. Please Houston, just get on that plane--trust me! That is how you end up with Bill Callahan. This time, we are going to plan our firings ahead of time and make sure we put Husker Nation on the right track to regain our rightful place in the college football hierarchy.

The CN staff thought this through and designed a robust statistical analysis of the patterns in Husker game threads and message board #hottakes. You, the Husker fans have spoken and your criteria for coaching standards at Nebraska are very clear.

  • Be Tom Osborne... at the very least, remind us of Tom. ("Innovation Campus" is not a secret cloning lab...shhhhh!).
  • Avoid embarrassing losses
  • Recruit really well
  • Win championships
  • Experience matters - no more newbies
    We compared these standards to FBS coaches and looked at their records (as head coaches or coordinators). You guys/gals are good! These standards whittled down the field far more quickly than expected. Follow the flowchart and behold! the only candidate I could find that met all of the aforementioned criteria.

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