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Week 12 Big Ten Power Poll

Wisconsin runs past Nebraska in the rankings. But you knew that already.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Paul is stuck at work without access to the power poll and I think everyone else is still hungover, so you get my insightful breakdown this week. Speaking of breakdowns, we are all a little worried about Andy. Does anyone know a good therapist? And a good hangover remedy?

Just in case you did not already know, we are at DefCORN 1. If Nebraska gets in trouble early during the Minnesota game....well, it was nice knowing you all.

Paul: I don't know what to say anymore.  Only two questions remain for me:  Is Wisconsin better than Michigan State and is Nebraska better than Minnesota. I have Wisconsin #2 and MSU #3, and Nebraska #4 and Minnesota #5.

Joe Canale: I put Minnesota above Nebraska after last weeks showings.  Nebraska is going to have to prove they are better this week.

Ty: Minnesota over Nebraska, but that gets solved for real this week in Lincoln.  I also think Wisconsin beats Michigan State if they play this week.

Ranchbabe: I thought about dropping Nebraska farther, but put them at 4 for now. I still don't know what to make of Northwestern, so I've decided to just randomly plug them into the order from now on. Minnesota and Iowa are hot on the Huskers heels in my rankings--this could be a wild two week ride.

Andy: I'm not sure whether it was the booze or some bugs I might've eaten out of the rug at 4am, but my ass spent Sunday doing its best impression of a car battery that's been jumped wrong. Or the Alien anytime someone cuts it or shoots it. Thank gawd my toilet porcelain was resistant to the acid I was spraying as my guts did their best Mary Lou Retton impression.

Speaking of Aliens, is anyone getting tired of the "Lt. Gorman in Aliens when his squad first gets attacked" routine that Bo, Beck and Pap seem to drop into every time someone punches back in a big game? (yes, if you're reading Maize n Brew, I used that line there too. Allow myself to sue myself)

I'm to depressed to break shit down. Hoke is still a fat, hot mess and pancreatic cancer has more positive traits than Urban. I'm gonna take another preventive Immodium and call it a week.