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Bo Pelini News Conference (11/17/2014): Upset, Disappointed, Embarrassed

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

After Wisconsin's 59-24 shellacking of the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Bo Pelini didn't provide any answers as to what went wrong. At his weekly news conference two days later, he discussed some of the what, but didn't answer the why.

(I think that should be "play after play after play"...)

I get that. Here's the bigger question: how can you get there, Bo?

Well, um. Ok.

Turning to quarterback Tommy Armstrong:

He may be right. And that's another problem...

We haven't seen Ryker Fyfe or Johnny Stanton in a game where the game was still in doubt, so to some degree, we have to trust the coaches opinions. But that's alarming as well when the starter keeps making the same mistakes week after week.

Offensively, yes. Defensively, not so much. Though some of the same mistakes were made trying to defend Tony Lippett.

Not 59 points. Certainly not 408 yards to a single running back.

That's real comforting. NOT. I suspect that means that Pelini is well aware of the problem, yet it's still not resolved. That means that either (a) Pelini can't fix it until after the season is over or (b) Pelini doesn't know how to fix it.

Turning to injuries to I-back Ameer Abdullah and defensive end Randy Gregory:

As for how he deals with his players...

You may think so, coach. But even your most ardent defenders were alarmed with what happened Saturday. Can you offer us some reassurance that you can address those problems?

OK, I'll grant you the scheme seemed to be working in the first quarter. But what do you do to address what happened in the second and third quarters?

Well, we have that.

Bo Pelini didn't do himself any favors at this week's news conference, though truth be told, it all comes down to wins and losses. Beat Minnesota and Iowa, Nebraska finishes the season 10-2 and barring a Wisconsin collapse, the four loss streak is over.  Lose one or both, and questions are magnified. Fans don't necessarily need answers, but Shawn Eichorst certainly will need them.