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A Very Special Edition of the Cobs of the Week

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, the team at CornNation nominates the worst from the past weekend in college football to win the Cob of the Week award.  Dan Hawkins and Colorado seemed to earn a lifetime achievement award for Cob nominations over the years. Lately, Iowa has won more than their share.

This week, we had a few possible nominations that we considered.  There was the Nebraska fan who tried to leap over a moving cab in Madison at 2 am Saturday morning.  Notre Dame lost at home to Northwestern.  LSU was shut out by Bert.

But not this week. This week, one team exhibited suckage of record-breaking magnitude. So much so, they get two nominations, and everything else simply pales in comparison. So here we have it, a very special edition of the Cobs of the Week.

Nebraska Defense

Husker fans were sure that they had seen the worst of Melvin Gordon in 2012.  This time would be different.  And it was different, but not in the manner that fans contemplated. It didn't start out that way initially.  Gordon's first three carries went for a total of seven yards.  But it was all downhill from there as Gordon had SIX carries for more than 35 yards. He rewrote the NCAA record book by rushing for 408 yards.

And that resulted in this:

Nebraska Offense

Why was this loss worse than the 2012 Big Ten Championship Game? Simple.  In 2012, the offense did put up a bit of a fight. Taylor Martinez had a run for the ages while Jamal Turner and Kenny Bell made plays as well.

Not in 2014.

6 for 18 passing for 62 yards.  118 yards rushing.  The longest run from scrimmage?  A 14 yard run by punter Sam Foltz.  Frankly, if it wasn't for the defense forcing three turnovers in the first quarter, I suspect that Wisconsin could have pitched a shutout.

So there we have it: an All-Nebraska edition of the Cobs of the Week.  We're going to make you choose between the offense and defense this week.  We're not nominating the coaches, but if you wish, lump the coaches between the units they work with.  Which side of the ball was the worst in college football this week?