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"Intoxicated" Husker Fan Tries to Jump Cab in Madison

Tom Lynn

A 22 year old Nebraska fan was cited by Madison police for attempting to jump over a moving cab in downtown Madison, Wisconsin shortly after 2 am Saturday morning.

According to Channel

Madison police (officer) Lt. Eric Tripke said 22-year-old Bryce Consbruck, of Nebraska, was on North Broom and West Gorham streets at 2:05 a.m. when he intentionally ran into traffic in an attempt to jump over a Union Taxi cab as it drove by. Consbruck failed the jump and suffered facial injuries in the process.

After being cited by Madison police for "suspicion of sudden pedestrian movement," Consbruck apparently gave the officers a colorful response.

"Consbruck gave the officers an expletive laden statement in which he hopes the 'Huskers' defeat the Badgers and that he promises to 'never try and jump over a moving car again,'" Tripke said in a news release.

Tripke told Channel 3000 that Consbruck was taken to the hospital for treatment of minor injuries and was reportedly intoxicated.