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Corny Kickoff Poetry Is Looking In the Mirror

Who is the fairest of them all?

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Huskers Are Red....

Huskers are red
Wisconsin is too
Made in our image
C'mon Bucky, you know its true
Huskers are red
Dropped 3 spots after bye
Better win this week
To stop the slide
Huskers are red
Wisconsin is red
Ohio State is red
Indiana is red
Rutgers is red
Maryland is part red
Want in the Big Ten?
You better be red.
Huskers are red
Actually its Scarlet?
I don't ‘give a damn'
It is what I call it

Husker Haiku

Running backs galore
Offensive lineman so big
Smash mouth at its best
Center to QB
exchanges scare me too much
Hang on. Please. Hang on.
Beer, cheese, brats, cold, snot
That sums up Wisconsin life
In one short haiku


There once was a team with tight ends
But nary down the field were they sent
Their job is to block
And ‘backers to rock
Our most secret weapon no one defends
There was a team with receivers extraordinaire
They play even though the ball's not in mid-air
Whenever there's a run
They want in on the fun
Crackback block. That flag should not be there.
There was once a running back with a bad knee
And over it a whole state was in a tizzy
We hope #fearameer is healed
To greater powers we've appealed
But the weight of a state is a lot to carry

Mirror Images

Huskers travelling to Madison
Big game about to go down
This could be how the West was won
Who will be the new sheriff in town?

Cheese and corn collide
Behind epic running backs
They will try to hit their stride
With a ground based attack

A quick look at the tie
These two programs do bind
Not randomly alike
Both from Devaney's mind

Take a look beyond numbers
It starts up front with big men
Add in powerful runners
Top with tenacious defense

Weight program for muscle
Recruit for the speed
Walk-ons bring the hustle
High expectations you need

Convince kids from the coasts
In a cold state to play
Leave behind the boasts
Champions work every day

The pessimist always says
Your disadvantage is too great
Devaney, Osborne, Alvarez
Did not buy into that hate

It seems the Huskers found a foe
like looking in a mirror on a shelf.
There is relief, because you know,
Nebraska excels at beating themselves.