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Corn Flakes: What You Wearing (To Wisconsin...)?

David Banks

Two years ago Nebraska made their first trip to Wisconsin as a member of the Big Ten for a night game against the Badgers. Tom Osborne made a request for Husker fans to wear black to stand out against the red of the Wisconsin crowd. I protested, somewhat, stating that I wasn't going to buy black clothes just to head to Wisconsin and that I'd already be spending enough dough getting there. I think I paid around $350 for a ticket to that game, the most expensive ticket I've ever bough to an event.

85% of you voted that you'd were either going to Wisconsin and would be wearing black, or would wear black if you were going. I didn't feel dumb at all.

This time there has been no decree of what to wear this time. Shawn Eichorst doesn't appear to be a "decree" kind of guy.

I'll be going again this time with my oldest son. I'll be staying with some college buddies. He'll be staying with friends. Perhaps we'll meet at a bar, him wearing some borrowed/stolen Wisconsin gear and me in my CornNation hoodie/Nebraska stuff, and holler profanities at each other while having a beer.

That's the kind of father I want to be.

The weather report shows a 40% chance of snow (!), high of 31 and a low of 24. That kind of makes a decision a little harder for most people, as in they'll chose to wear whatever's warmest. Suits me fine. My winter jacket is black with red trim.

So, what you wearing this time, Husker fans?

I am very tired this evening, so you get a huddled mass of news.

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I hope the NCAA gets burned badly by this. I realize there's a fair number of you who think Penn State deserved what they got, but anytime a body of power like the NCAA goes into the "ends justify the means" territory it means they can do the same shit to anyone else.

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Additionally, if we add in the home field advantage, that explains what is giving Nebraska only a 26% chance at winning this game. In all reality, I wouldn't be surprised to see Nebraska keep it much closer than this. I also wouldn't be surprised to see them win, either.

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