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Corn Flakes: Playoff & Big Ten Championship Game Scenarios For Nebraska

David McGee

Jake Cotton is all Nebraska. He's from Lincoln, and his dad and brother played for the Cornhuskers. See Tom Dienhart's Q&A with the Nebraska G inside.It's a troll-like headline this morning.

There is only one playoff scenario for Nebraska. Win out.

But, honestly, who cares. The playoff will be decided over the next few weeks. Better worry about winning our division and getting to the Big Ten Championship game than worrying about the madness that is the College Football Playoff.

As for the Big Ten West, here's your current standings amongst teams over .500.

1. Nebraska 8-1 .889 4-1 .800 3-0 1.000
2. Minnesota 7-2 .778 4-1 .800 3-1 .750
3. Wisconsin 7-2 .778 4-1 .800 2-1 .667
4. Iowa 6-3 .667 3-2 .600 2-1 .667

Nebraska's remaining schedule: @Wisconsin, Minnesota, @Iowa

Minnesota's remaining schedule: Ohio State, @Nebraska, @Wisconsin

Wisconsin's remaining schedule: Nebraska, @Iowa, Minnesota

Iowa's remaining schedule: @Illinois, Wisconsin, Nebraska

That's some hellacious schedule making right there. So many things still possible this late in the season and for Nebraska it really comes down to what happens in Madison this weekend. If Wisconsin wins, they've got a great shot at winning their final two games given them a head-to-head lead over Nebraska at the end of the season.

Minnesota and Iowa... well, let's go worst-case scenario and say that one of the two beats Nebraska. That could potentially drop Nebraska into third, behind one of those teams. Let's not think about that right now.

Build a program - consistently win your division. Build a better program - consistently contend for your conference title. Build a national title program - win your conference title game.

Nebraska has a ways to go yet before worrying about the college football playoff.*

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Nebraska G Jake Cotton Q&A: ‘You couldn’t block for a more humble guy’ " Big Ten Network

Jake Cotton is all Nebraska. He's from Lincoln, and his dad and brother played for the Cornhuskers.

Alex Lewis lives in a barn?

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Oh, READ THIS and then wonder at that constant argument about Pelini vs Osborne.

Tommy Armstrong Jr on BTN Live

* - By all means, continue to complain about the college football playoff. It's clear they're making this up as they go.