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Week 11 Big Ten Power Poll

Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Nebraska pretty good. Minnesota might be sorta good. Everybody else stinks.

Northwestern scores a touchdown in the most #BigTen game of the season so far.
Northwestern scores a touchdown in the most #BigTen game of the season so far.
David Banks

Paul: OSU got my vote for #1 this week the old fashioned winning it.  I think that MSU has shown weaknesses lately, but since they have scoreboard on Nebraska and haven’t given me a compelling reason to vote them lower, they are #2.

The surprising performance of the week, and possibly the year, in the Big Ten was Minnesota’s pantsing of Iowa.  Solely out of gratitude to the Gophers for really lighting a fire under the "Fire Ferentz" crowd, they take #4 from the Badgers who fall to #5.  The next few weeks are elimination rounds as Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Minnesota all play each other over the next two Saturdays.

The rest of the conference stinks.  In recognition of Michigan and Northwestern giving us the most unwatchable game in the history of unwatchable football games, here's a Top Ten list of things that suck less than that game.

  1. Chlamydia
  2. Congress
  3. Yugos
  4. Nickleback
  5. North Korean prisons
  6. The first half of Titanic
  7. Steve Pederson
  8. Fairbury Franks
  9. Celine Dion
  10. ISIS

Husker Mike: I’m still putting Wisconsin ahead of Nebraska at this point, but it’s a slight edge that’s resolving itself this weekend.  After Minnesota and Maryland, things fall into the abyss.  And frankly, I did it in reverse order the rest of the way by starting at #14 and picking who was the worst team left.

Purdue  might be the best 3-7 team in the country because they’ve battled Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Michigan State over the last month.

Ty: The top three continues to be pretty easy, and I think Wisconsin’s asserted themselves the clear #4.  It’s less murky in the middle than it used to be, with Minnesota and Maryland showing they belong in the top of the conference, and Penn State and Iowa not…. regularly sucking too badly?  I don’t know.  Anyway, I really want to put Indiana higher, I do.  THEY BEAT MIZZOU IN COLUMBIA, but that’s all a distant memory.  To me, the bottom’s now murky with Rutgers, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan all looking pretty deserving.

Ranchbabe: Well, OSU made its statement and I left MSU as #2. If Nebraska and Wisconsin played on a neutral field, with a healthy Ameer, I think Nebraska is the better team. Unfortunately, we know neither of those will be happening this weekend, so I kept the Badgers ahead of the Huskers. Minnesota rounds out the top 5 for me. After that, I had to start at the bottom and work my way back up, and still didn’t like how high I ranked a few teams. How did Northwestern beat Wisconsin again? The bottom of this conference is not only playing bad football, it is playing unwatchably bad football. On Saturday, I went outside for some woodworking projects. YES, I literally chose to watch paint dry instead of watching the early games.

Salt Creek: As I predicted a few weeks ago, Ohio State takes the top slot. I’m also moving Nebraska to #2. If Nebraska loses this weekend, this means I get to drop them EVEN FURTHER so it’s really just for dramatic effect. I also think MSU’s players are getting tired - I guess we’ll see in their next game. Minnesota gets to return to the top 4 because their trophy cabinet has TWO trophies in it. Insane.

If you’re wondering why I dropped Wisconsin to #14, I blame Barry Alvarez for the Freedom trophy and all of its Madisonite, East Coast pretentiousness that is core to the Wisconsin Idea. I really hope we win because otherwise I’m going to need a new phone number.

Andy: Ohio St proved itself the clear #1 and watching that smug bowl of human dicksnot bask in his victory while being unable to drink myself had me looking for a ledge. The thought of Urban Meyer playing Nick Saban for a national title is more than I can bear. It won’t happen, but still...

Mich St. drops only to #2 because they still rank a notch above the rest of the conference. However, that’s two big freakin’ eggs they’ve laid with chances to make statements. So much for the B1G’s flagbearers. Our current white knight has a loss to a team that’s 1-4 in the ACC, so...

Seriously - can we all shut the hell up about the B1G getting one of those one-loss dance spots in the playoff?
Nebraska stays ahead of Wisconsin. I know to many that’s just crazy talk, because our 21 point win over Purdue was one of the worst performances by the Huskers in modern history, while their 16 point win over same was no big deal.
Please forgive me. It all works itself out this week.

The rest of the Big 10 dreck either takes turns blowing each other out or playing 10-9 snorefests that have fans putting guns to their head.

Well, that’s enough suicide humor for one week. I love this conference.