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Cobs of the Week: Kirk Ferentz, Michigan Special Teams, Northwestern, Auburn, and Kaelin Clay

Adam Bettcher

Woo boy! Thank goodness Nebraska had a bye week because the suck permeated all of college football this weekend.  We had Alabama fumbling the ball inside their own 10 yard line with 90 seconds left in a tie game---and still managed to win. We had Oklahoma and Kansas State getting boat-raced. Most weeks, Cobs would emerge from those games.

Not this week.  Let's give them honorable mentions, because this week calls for a higher level of suckiness.

Kirk Ferentz

Giving up 51 unanswered points is really bad.  But letting Minnesota rack up 51 unanswered?  That's a speh-shul kind of suck.  And then, to self-inflict insult on top of self-inflicted injury, Iowa's Four Million Dollar man decides to challenge a call in the final minute of the game, hoping to get a meaningless touchdown for his team. The challenge fails, though Iowa scores that meaningless touchdown on the next play anyway.

By the way, Jerry Kill's post-game dance does NOT suck.

Michigan Special Teams

Looks like Brady Hoke and his staff are spending more time getting their resumes in shape and their Ann Arbor homes ready for sale next month. They certainly aren't spending a lot of time coaching anymore.  If they were, Michigan wouldn't try a field goal with only nine men on the field.  Guess what happened?  It was blocked.


When Michigan tries to hand you the game, it takes a special level of suckiness to turn it down.  Or rather, just fall down, as Trevor Siemian did on a two-point conversion attempt.

Props to Pat Fitzgerald for sparing the world from overtime for this game.


When you've had an incredible run of luck like Auburn had last season, you have to expect things to run out at some point.  And it did against Texas A&M, when the Tigers couldn't even snap the ball in the final minute of the game.

Kaelin Clay

Utah's star receiver caught a 78 yard pass and raced into the end zone to give the Utes a 14-0 lead.  Or so everybody thought at first.

Except it really only went for 77 yards. If you were watching it live, some fans' big head blocked your view, so you assumed that Clay scored. Only problem was that Clay flipped the ball away on the one yard line. Fortunately, ESPN's Skycam operator was alert and realized that the ball was still live...and going the other direction.

So instead of Utah going up 14-0, the game was now tied after a blunder that will probably be remembered for years to come.

So who's gets the Cob for this weekend for being the Worst of the Worst in college football?