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BTN To Release Documentary "Unbeaten: The Life Of Brook Berringer"

BTN will debut a documentary about the life of Brook Berringer on October 18th, airing at around 9:30 pm central, or right after the Nebraska/Northwestern game.

Time has passed and the debut of this documentary will serve to introduce younger Husker fans to who he was, or to understand him as Bill Friedman, BTN's coordinator for original programming said:

"Brook was way ahead of his time. He built a reputation for giving back, and he is beloved because so many think he represents what a Nebraskan should be. His life is a great college football story that happens to take place in Nebraska."

Husker fans are familiar with the Berringer story, or at least they should be. Berringer helped Nebraska win the 1994 and 1995 National Title as a quarterback - in 94 taking over as the starter when Tommie Frazier was diagnosed in blood clots. In 1995, Frazier won the starting role while Berringer remained as a backup as Nebraska had a second straight undefeated season and another national title.

The next spring, Berringer was killed when his small engine plane crashed two days before the 1996 NFL Draft. He was 22.

More about the documentary:

Unbeaten features rare, archival footage of Berringer on camera, highlights of some key Nebraska games leading up to the National Championship and interviews with Frazier, Osborne, and Brook's mother, Jan Berringer, who shares some of the thousands of letters she received in the wake of his passing.

The BTN Originals crew also was in Lincoln this September, when the 1994 championship team was honored prior to the Huskers' game against Miami. The crew captured exclusive footage and an interview with Berringer's teenage nephew, who walked onto the field wearing a No. 18 jersey in honor of the uncle he never met.

Berringer is immortalized in a life-sized bronze statue along with Tom Osborne outside the Osborne Athletic Complex on the north side of Memorial Stadium.

Berringer's life still serves as a reminder to Husker fans that our love for Nebraska football should extend beyond that of what happens on the football field.