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Corn Flakes: Michigan State Game Plan Ok?

Yay Cheerleaders!
Yay Cheerleaders!
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Latest college sports lawsuit eyes television broadcasters -

A new antitrust lawsuit brought by 10 former college football and men's basketball players against many television networks, conferences and licensing entities represents the next legal maneuver to spawn from the Ed O'Bannon trial. The latest focus: Go after television broadcasts' use of athletes' names and images.

Sue sue sue.

AJ McCarron says he misspoke about Alabama leadership, reaction was 'ugly side of the media' |

"I wish that fans truly knew me and I know that people that know me and have been around me know what I mean or what I meant what I said last night."

That dadgummed media!!!!

Notebook: Is student boycott a possibility? - The Michigan Daily

The Michigan football team has plenty to brag about with its defense. That is, until it allowed 476 yards in a meltdown against Rutgers.

How long is Michigan going to let this go on?

Just the Stats: Penn State at Michigan - Black Shoe Diaries

PSU plays at the Big House, and though Michigan just lost to Rutgers, they're not as bad as that record indicates...or maybe the Nittany Lions just aren't that good.

Maybe this weekend? If Michigan loses to Penn State, they'll be 2-5 and 0-3 in the Big Ten.

There's little sign of anything going to turn around. This has to be the case of Dave Brandon trying to keep his job by keeping Hoke around as long as possible. Perhaps they're negotiating a buy out. Perhaps they're hoping for a miracle.

Any more, though, and Michigan will miss a bowl game. Maybe no one cares anymore.


Seriously, it's starting to freak us out.

More hilarity from BGHP.

Wisconsin Badgers news, 10/8: Joel Stave, Tanner McEvoy unsure of quarterback situation - Bucky's 5th Quarter

My unsolicited two cents: the players truthfully don't know who'll start at QB vs. Illinois, and the coaches likely don't either.

Wisconsin. Still confused?

Illinois Football - Accountability Gone, Apathy Present? - The Champaign Room

Is the program at its lowest depth ever? Can one person -- specifically, a new head coach -- change everything or will it take a coordinated effort ranging from administration to fans in order make the football relevant again?

I have no idea how you solve this.

Huskers in the NFL Week 5 - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Hate to admit it, but I've watched about a half hour of the NFL this year. That last Thursday Packers-Vikings game doesn't count. Wasn't much of a game.

Pelini had no issue with offense's MSU game plan - Big Red Today Blog

Nebraska's inability to produce offensively during the first three quarters against Michigan State had nothing to do with the game plan, coach Bo Pelini said Wednesday.

No one asked him why he punted from Michigan State's 30?

I don't disagree with Pelini that the execution was a fundamental problem. I don't think anyone reasonably can, but the game plan appeared to be so conservative, I was a little confused.

My reaction right after the game was wondering why Nebraska didn't start slinging the ball all over earlier, but as I've gone back I don't think Beck called a bad game (other than the aforementioned punting). We just flat out didn't execute, anywhere.

Yea, I know. We should move on now.